The Go! Mississippi 7k 4/9/17

Yesterday morning I raced a new to me distance on a familiar to me course. I normally run the Go! Half Marathon, but since I ran the Alton Half Marathon a couple weeks ago I decided to try the shorter distance this time. 

I parked at my friend Brian’s loft downtown, which was awesome because I could use a real bathroom before meeting the Big River Training team at 6:15am. 

This is me in the elevator, not the bathroom.

We were supposed to be in our corrals at 6:45am, so it wasn’t long before we headed down the cobblestone roads of the landing to get to the riverfront start. 

At 7:05am they began releasing corrals with about a minute break in between. I was in C so I didn’t have to wait too long, which was good because even though it was about 60 degrees it was a little windy and I was chilly in my tank top.

I started the race with my training team friend Jill who is a lot faster than me but when I’m running a little over 4 miles and she’s running a little over 13, our paces are similar. The 7k, half marathon, marathon, and marathon relay all start together, which I liked because it made me feel very fast to be running with sub 2 hour half marathoners. 🙂

Immediately after rounding the first corner it felt like we were climbing out of a hole, the elevation change was so dramatic. But that was to be expected as I knew we were running to the bridge that was above us. 

And this was *after* the steepest part.

Humans of St. Louis.

This is the reverse of the way the course went last year, so it was familiar territory, but it felt new because of the people below at the new start line. 

Then a barge honked at us!

And then we were in Illinois. 

It’s neat to run on roads like this that normally only have cars on them, but it was a lot of up and down until we arrived in East St. Louis. 

East St. Louis has a lot of cool looking buildings that need some work. It had a bit of a ghost town feel until we approached some volunteers. 

One of these kids, I think the first one, said “Hey! He’s walking!” as if he wanted to report him for cheating. Lol!

I passed the water station since I was halfway done with my race and proceeded toward the Eads bridge. 

Around this time I hear “hey Nora!” It was another Big River friend, Shaunta. We ran side by side briefly, which is a cool thing to do when you’ve raced to another state, and then she moved on. 

Note the mile 3 sign up ahead. My watch and everyone else’s around me beeped for mile 3 a couple minutes before we got to the sign. We all agreed that we hoped it would even out over the course of the race, and I was thinking I hope it evened out in the next mile because my race was about done. 

Race participants were still coming in to Illinois as my side of the course was leaving it. 

More uphill to get on the bridge. 

A semi had just given an extended horn blow for us and I may be making this up but I feel like this Metrolink car did the same. Lots of communication from transportation during this race!

Back on the bridge for lots of cool views of St. Louis. I love my city. 

It’s hard to tell, but there was a trash truck at the very end of the line of people on the other bridge. I wouldn’t like the feeling of being followed by that. 

Meanwhile, I was almost to the end of my bridge. 

I was a little concerned about missing the turn for the end of my race (I saw two women later who did just that), but it was clearly marked. 

Having never done this race before and not remembering how many miles are in 7k, I had no idea how far the finish line was until I turned the corner. 

If I do this race again I’ll know to pump the gas when I’m midway through the bridge. I didn’t have a lot of time in sprint mode before I finished. 

Cool medal. 

Cool view. 

Official results:


2 responses to “The Go! Mississippi 7k 4/9/17

  1. I love this! The pictures are wonderful, your experience nicely documented. I hope you enjoyed running as much as I enjoyed reading about it!

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