Whole 30 – Week 4

I can’t believe I’m almost done. I’m a little sad. I’ve been awakened to a world of wonderful food.

Tuesday 11/1/16 – Day Twenty Two

Breakfast: bacon, eggs, chia pudding with almond butter/almonds/raspberries.

Lunch: I forgot to take a picture, but I think I had leftover persimmon chicken.

Dinner: salmon with salsa and guacamole, spinach.

Wednesday 11/2/16 – Day Twenty Three

Breakfast: Eggs, half an avocado, chia pudding, strawberries. 

Lunch: Giant salad with bacon, eggs, and avocado. 

Dinner: Jerk Shrimp Stew over Cauliflower Rice. It was pretty good, but I need to work on the consistency of my cauliflower rice. 

Thursday 11/3/16 – Day Twenty Four

Breakfast: Same as yesterday but with pineapple. 

Lunch: same as yesterday. 

Dinner: Tilapia with salsa and a giant side of guacamole. Large fruit salad. I don’t like tilapia. 

Friday 11/4/16 – Day Twenty Five

Breakfast: And now, bananas!

Lunch: Leftover shrimp stuff. Forgot to take a picture. 

Dinner: Salmon cakes with homemade tartar sauce and spinach. That tartar sauce was the star of the meal. 

Saturday 11/5/16 – Day Twenty Six

Breakfast: A pretty great recreation of the skillet I get at First Watch. Everything but the cheese. 

Lunch: Leftover salmon cakes. 

Dinner: Leftover salmon cakes. 

Sunday 11/6/16 – Day Twenty Seven

Breakfast: Sweet potato hash with onions, bacon, and tomatoes. Side of clementines. 

Lunch: Kind of cheated here. My only protein is the almond butter on the fruit. Also got fat there, plus the avocado. 

Dinner: Shepherds Pie with spinach and an apple. That Sheperd’s Pie was great. 

Monday 11/7/16 – Day Twenty Eight

Breakfast: only one egg cause we are running low but about to go out of town. So I added a couple peppers. 

Lunch: leftovers from last night, plus pineapple. 

Dinner: an “ingredient meal”. Salmon,  broccoli, sweet potato. Simple and delicious. 

Time to finish this plan!


2 responses to “Whole 30 – Week 4

  1. These meals look amazing, so fresh and delicious! Did it take a lot of time to make them? Can I have the tartar sauce recipe?

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