Whole 30 – Week 3

Tuesday 10/25/16 – Day Fifteen

Breakfast: chia pudding.

Lunch: leftovers from the previous night.

Dinner: Giant protein filled salad.

This sugar free bacon I got from Lucky’s is truly delicious. It makes me so annoyed that the bacon you find at most places has added sugar. It’s so unnecessary!

Wednesday 10/26/16 – Day Sixteen

Breakfast: chia pudding.

Lunch: another giant salad.

I’ve gone through a Costco container of spinach in five days. 

Dinner: taco skillet on lettuce.

My plan was to use the lettuce as a faux tortilla, which I did, but it wasn’t the same. So I ate it like a taco salad. The recipe is good though. The taco seasoning I had included sugar in it (again, why?) so I made my own with chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, paprika, and salt and pepper. 

Thursday 10/27/16 – Day Seventeen

I’m nearing the end of the Whole 30 book (I never was great at following directions, lol) and to the part where they’re discussing how to piece together meal so–fat, carbs, protein, etc. I’m realizing my chia pudding breakfast isn’t well rounded enough, which is probably why I’m getting hungry mid morning. So…

Breakfast: Chia pudding, bacon, two eggs.

I’m still missing veggies from my meal one. I need to figure out how to bring those in in a way that does not disgust me.

After breakfast I went to the gym to swim. My normal swim is 50 laps but today I felt so good I kept going…and going…to 100 laps! That’s almost a mile and a half. Longest swim ever and I didn’t start to tire until around lap 70. That breakfast may have been magic!

I got to work and ate a banana and later also ate a clementine. I probably should have had a larger post workout mini meal instead of waiting until lunch for my next meal. 

Lunch: leftover taco skillet, Brussels sprouts and clementine.

Dinner: mahi mahi with Tracy’s leftover guac, sweet potato, broccoli.

Thursday night we went to a local comedy club to see Margaret Cho, who was strong, intelligent, and hilarious. She was great but the venue had a two item minimum per person. This is St. Louis, not a New Orleans strip club! The waitress told us if we bought nothing we’d be charged for two $5 waters. What a crock. So I ordered decaf coffee for $3.25. Only they didn’t have decaf. I never have caffeine at night but I wasn’t going to pay $5 for a drink so caffeine it was. 

Got through a potentially dicey situation. Small victory!

Friday 10/28/16 – Day Eighteen

Breakfast: chia pudding, two eggs, two slices bacon.

Lunch: leftover taco skillet and salad.

Dinner: steak Friday! With mushrooms and onions, sweet potato, and broccoli.

Saturday 10/29/16 – Day Nineteen 

Breakfast: sweet potato hash with two eggs. Side of pineapple and a clementine.

Lunch: Giant salad with new to me persimmons. Delish!

Dinner: steak, mushrooms, pineapple, two peppers.

The weird side items are for a reason. I’d planned Brussels sprouts, but I went to the store while they were in the oven and…

Oops. And I’d just read in my Whole 30 book that there’s bound to be some meals you mess up and throw out and laughed because I never do that. Ha!

Sunday 10/30/16 – Day Twenty

I got up and ate only a banana because I was meeting my running friends for running and brunch. I successfully ran the loop around Forest Park and then successfully ordered a compliant brunch!

Brunch: Omelette with sliced sirloin, red peppers, mushroom, onion, and jalapeño. Side of hash browns and fruit instead of the English muffin.

We were at the Shack on Lindbergh, which is a great place. I specified no dairy to make sure they didn’t use butter or milk and they complied, no problem. Plus they accidentally brought me two fruits so I had plenty of good stuff. 

Then I layed around all afternoon. I had a clementine and a Larabar but no real meal two. 

I tried to make up for it at dinner. 

Dinner: Chicken with persimmon salsa, squash, broccoli, and sweet potato.

This chicken recipe made my dreams come true. Persimmons are a gift to us all–so naturally sweet and perfect with cinnamon and other fall spices. So happy to have discovered them. 
I was still hungry later (skipping meals is not a good idea) so I had a banana and almond butter and promised myself a big breakfast. 

Monday 10/31/16 – Day Twenty One

Breakfast: chia pudding with almond butter and raspberries; two eggs and two slices of bacon.

I rarely made bacon before starting this program, but it sure is delicious. 

I went to the gym and swam 50 laps. Then I showered and dressed. The day before I’d been feeling like my food baby was shrinking, so I wanted to test it out. Before starting Whole 30 there was a pair of work pants that was always comfortable but suddenly tight when I got back from vacation. Those pants made me take action. Anyway, I put those pants on and three weeks into Whole 30, they are comfortable again! Major victory. I’m loving feeling in control of my body. 

Lunch: Leftovers.

Dinner: spinach sautéed with bacon, tilapia with a salsa I threw together, strawberries.

Isn’t it pretty? Cooking is art and then you get to eat it. 

I’m feeling great and loving what I’m eating. I’m excited to see what week four has in store for me!


One response to “Whole 30 – Week 3

  1. One day18 before I read the caption I was sure you were eating squid!
    Congratulations on all your victories, big and small!

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