The Great Go! Halloween Half Marathon 10/23/16

I ran my ninth half marathon on Sunday. I had no goals for the race, just to run in costume and have fun. 

I met my Big River training team friends before the race. I’m the nun. 🙂

me, Ellie, Meghan, Becky, Jill, Kari, Elizabeth

Meghan referred to me as Sister Mary Nora. Lol. 

I’m actually wearing my Camelbak under my habit. I had my dates and water in it as well as my phone. So my picture taking was extremely limited, but I had to get this guy. 

It turned out T Rex was actually a female. I found that out on the event’s Facebook page. She didn’t end up running the whole event in the costume. 

Obligatory start photo. 

It was nice at the start; in the 50s. My costume was made of stretchy material and I had no trouble moving in it. My pace was around 10:30/mile early on, a little faster than I was aiming for, but still ok. 

Around mile 4 I started thinking I wanted to walk, and I used getting my dates out of my Camelbak as an excuse to do so. From that point on the idea of running seemed just awful. This has been the season of walk breaks for me. I don’t know what’s up with that but it’s something to work on for 2017. 

The course went by the brewery, which all Go races do. 

But unlike the spring half, we didn’t have to come back the same way on Broadway. We ended up on the antique store portion of Cherokee, which was nice. I appreciated the variety but it didn’t help my motivation.

I thought I had a lot of people talking to me when I dressed up as Batgirl in last year’s race; this year was unreal. People loved calling me sister. Two people asked me to pray they finished. When I was running on Sidney street I could hear church bells in the distance and a woman said “sister, your bells!” Another guy in Soulard told me “the Catholic Church is back there!” As an agnostic, this was all very amusing to me.

Nearly three hours later my 13.1 mile journey was finished. 
This was my slowest time by far, but at least I got some good photos. 

Oh, and two medals! By running the half in April and this one I completed the “bridges and broomsticks challenge” and got an extra sweatshirt and an extra medal. 

Official results:

Next up:

St. Louis Turkey Trot 8k 11/24/16

Hot Chocolate 15k 12/11/16


5 responses to “The Great Go! Halloween Half Marathon 10/23/16

  1. I was already super impressed by the fact that you have run 9 half-marathons! The fact that you ran this one in a nun’s costume blows me away. AMAZING! And I love your costume. You are an inspiration! Xoxoxo.

  2. I was definitely wondering about responses to your garb. Fun!

  3. This from Tony: Blasphemer!

  4. Congratulations on half marathon#9! This is one of my favorite races because I love seeing all the costumes. 🙂

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