Whole 30 – Week 2

Tuesday 10/18/16 – Day Eight

The night before I couldn’t sleep and was hungry. I should have just eaten something. Had a nightmare I accidentally ate a pastry at Tim Horton’s. These are my nightmares now. Woke up and devoured a banana and some coffee, then ran to the gym and back.

The mile+ there felt pretty easy but my pace was only 11:30. I don’t get it. It was kind of warm though. 75 before 6am in October? Go home St. Louis, you’re drunk.

Breakfast: Three egg omelette with leeks, tomatoes, orange pepper, and green olives. Trying to use my strawberries before they go bad.

Mid morning I’m sleepy and hungry. I eat a handful of carrots to tide me over until lunch.

Lunch: Sliced beef, mashed potatoes with ghee, asparagus, sautéed kale.

Starving on the way home from work. Ate a date while I made dinner. 

Dinner: Costco chicken strips with peppers and onions, roasted Brussels sprouts, banana with almond butter.

And then I ate another banana with almond butter. 

Not going to bed hungry again. 

Wednesday 10/19/16 – Day Nine

Well,the extra banana and almond butter did the trick–I’m not hungry at all when I wake up. Still, I eat. 

Breakfast: Two eggs, half an avocado, strawberries. All from Costco.

I went to the gym and swam 50 laps. Even though my stomach was full, I didn’t feel like things were sloshing around like when I eat my normal giant bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios. 

Hungry all morning. Drank my Nalgene bottle of water. Still hungry. Asked myself “would I eat a plate of broccoli and fish right now?” Yes. So I ate an apple with almond butter. Trying to avoid snacking, but this was necessary. 

Lunch: Leftovers from last night plus sautéed kale.

I ate my lunch around 2pm, which is kind of late for me, so I wasn’t super hungry when I got home, but I ate anyway. 

Dinner: Leftover burger and mashed potatoes.

Yes, that’s an obscene amount of potatoes. I normally wouldn’t eat that much but 1) I was trying to use up the leftovers and 2) we were about to go out to eat. 

It was Tracy’s birthday so we went to Cruesoe’s. I could have figured out an entire meal to order but 1) making sure the whole thing was compliant stressed me out and 2) I don’t want to pay a restaurant to make a meal I can easily make myself. 

So I pre-ate and ordered a side of broccoli at dinner. 

I was craving a lot of foods I saw but I was completely full. Now the real work is beginning–learning to battle those cravings that have nothing to do with needing food. 

Thursday 10/20/16 – Day Ten 

Omelettes are a great way to use up stuff on hand. 

Three egg omelette with chicken, green olives, onion, and tomato. Added a bit of avocado and a whole banana to make sure I’m getting enough fat and carbs.

I have cramps but only have ibuprofen and that’s not compliant. Tylenol is but I don’t have any. Cramps it is. It’s neat how I have my period and I’m about to run a half marathon, all at the beginning of Whole 30. 

Lunch: same as yesterday. 

Dinner: salmon cakes, strawberries, orange, avocado (looks disgusting after exposed to air), and squash.

I went into this meal thinking, “well, I guess it’s time to eat the squash”. Total surprise–it’s delicious! I didn’t think I liked yelllw squash but I roasted it with Old Bay and it was sweet and wonderful. 

Somehow I was still hungry, so I ate this. Trying to amp up the carbs in preparation for my race. 

Friday 10/21/16 – Day Eleven

Turns out I do not like salmon in this format first thing in the morning. 

I ran 3.5 miles and didn’t have problems with a full stomach, which bodes well for Sunday. Also, as I was going down the stairs to go to work I felt like my joints were operating more smoothly than normal. Sometimes it feels like they’re creaking or making other noises, but this time they felt like they were gliding. I hope that continues!

I was hungry mid morning so I had some strawberries. Later, a salmon filled lunch.

Lunch: leftovers. Salmon cakes are better at lunch.

I had two bananas with almond butter as an afternoon snack. Really trying to make sure I’m getting enough carbs. 

Not hungry at all for dinner, but still, I ate. 

Costco sliced beef, squash, sweet potato.

After dinner I wanted some chocolate. I asked myself “am I actually hungry?” I wasn’t. So I drank some water and rode the craving out. It’s getting easier!

Saturday 10/22/16 – Day Twelve

Woke up hungry and happy. It’s gorgeous outside. Made a fall inspired breakfast. 

Breakfast: Sweet/regular potato skillet with two eggs. Banana with almond butter.

Time to go to Costco for another 24 pack of eggs. This week’s supply is almost gone. !!

I’ve noticed I’m eating my meals a lot more slowly than before, when I would wolf everything down. My relationship with food has improved.

I ate an apple while out grocery shopping, then came home for a late lunch. 

Lunch: the last of the sliced beef and squash. Two clementines.

Dinner: acorn squash, sweet potato, sautéed spinach, salmon.


Sunday 10/23/16: Day Thirteen

Running 13.1 miles on day thirteen. I got up at 5am and immediately made breakfast. 

Breakfast: two eggs, raspberries, banana with almond butter.

I started running around 7:45am, and it was rough. I ate five dates on the course but I just wasn’t in my normal running shape. I walked a lot. 

Afterwards Tracy and I joined my running friends at Rooster where I had second breakfast, which actually ended up being my lunch. 

Brunch: Two fried eggs and a side of fruit.

Rooster has wonderful dairy, grain, sugar, and alcohol consumables so I’m very proud of myself for staying compliant. It actually wasn’t hard; I didn’t have much of an appetite. And I drank black coffee and liked it! Small victory. 

In the afternoon I had a pickle and a Larabar and eventually put together a real meal. 

Dinner: GIANT salad with spinach, half an apple, half an avocado, orange peppers, three eggs, three and a half pieces of bacon, carrots, olives, and a vinaigrette I made myself.

A seven egg day. That’s a new record.

Monday 10/24/16 – Day Fourteen

For breakfast I made a new recipe that does not involve eggs!

Breakfast: Banana Chia Pudding topped with raspberries, a banana, sliced almonds and almond butter.

The pudding looks pretty disgusting by itself but it tastes really cool and refreshing. I love it. 

Lunch: Same as last night’s dinner-giant family size salad.

I wanted something sweet in the afternoon and I considered a Larabar but I wasn’t actually hungry so I just had water. 

Dinner: Baked salmon, steamed Brussels sprouts, sweet potato.

At the end of week two I feel in control of my cravings and really proud of myself for coming up with all these meals and making the time to prepare them. I can see myself eating this way a lot after the 30 days. 

But I do miss pizza. 


4 responses to “Whole 30 – Week 2

  1. The most surprising thing about this is at the end you say you could see yourself eating this way after the 30 days. For some reason I was sure you were counting the days until it’s over. I guess it helps that you like these foods already. I wish I did!

    • Yeah, it is all food I like so that makes it much easier. Plus I’m finding cooking fun. I am looking forward to a less restrictive time though. Some days I just want cake and I’m not giving that up!

  2. You’re making me want to try almond butter! And I’m impressed that you’re doing this. What is the ultimate goal?

    • Thanks! Almond butter is pretty expensive, just FYI. My goal is feeling better with higher energy. I’m also curious how I will react when I reintroduce foods. I suspect I’ll have no reaction other than possible sluggishness.

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