Whole 30 – Week 1

I love food. Food is one of the main reasons I run. Unfortunately, my love for food sometimes causes me to lose all self control and eat way too much/way too much stuff that makes me feel bad. Like donuts and milkshake like coffee from Tim Horton’s several days on vacation recently.

I got back from that trip over satiated and ready to make a change. I thought of my friend Missy, who did the Whole 30 a few years ago. I remember seeing photos of her beautiful easily identifiable food and thinking that’s how I want to eat. More recently, my friends Lori and Tricia did it and blogged about their experiences, so the idea has been rolling around in my head. I decided now was the time to act and began last Tuesday. 

The gist of the Whole 30 is that you’re doing a nutritional reset–eating only whole foods for 30 days and then reintroducing the eliminated foods gradually to gain information about how food affects you personally. In the process people report higher energy, better mood, and clearer skin, among other things. Sounds great!

The tough part–for 30 days grains, dairy, legumes, sugar, and alcohol are out. I have a half marathon this Sunday–what better time than now to eliminate grains! LOL!

I went to Costco Monday and bought a bunch of compliant stuff. The same day I read on a blog post that you should absolutely not start until you’ve completely read The Whole30. I bought the book that night. We’re off to a great start!

Tuesday 10/11/16 – Day One

I love coffee creamer. Made of dairy and sugar, it is delicious, but not compliant. So I made my own out of dates, coconut milk, and vanilla extract. 

It’s incredibly tasty, but not compliant because:

  1. Vanilla extract contains invert sugar. 
  2. Recreating non compliant foods with compliant ingredients goes against the spirit of the program; learning to battle cravings and retrain the way your mind sees food. 

I’m using it anyway. It’s barely any sugar and I don’t like wasting food. Once it’s gone I’ll just use coconut milk. 

Breakfast: Two eggs, half an apple, and pork breakfast sausage I compiled myself. Not as good as I was hoping.

Lunch: Leftovers from the night before. Shrimp, sweet potatoes, and asparagus.

Dinner: Salmon, sweet potato, entire can of green beans.


First day thoughts: I can’t believe I didn’t eat between meals. That’s a first for me. And I wasn’t overly hungry. 

Wednesday 10/12/16 – Day Two

Breakfast: Same as yesterday, but also strawberries.


Lunch: Same as Tuesday. 

Dinner: Mahi mahi and

A GIANT salad with two hard boiled eggs and ranch I made myself.

Second day thoughts: Wow I’m eating a lot of eggs. Today I was famished between meals. Stopped at Schnuck’s on the way home from work and consumed a Larabar as I shopped for fear I’d go into a fit of rage without food. 

Thursday 10/13/16 – Day Three

Breakfast: Three egg omelette with sausage and leeks. Banana with almond butter.

Lunch: Giant salad. 

Dinner: enchilada stuffed sweet potato with all the toppings, including my ranch.

Third day thoughts: I have a mild headache. I was expecting this, as I’m now well into the book, and this type of “hangover” is common. It’s also proportional to how you ate right before. Since right before I was in eat all the things mode, complete with a majestic performance at Olive Garden, the headache isn’t surprising. 

Friday 10/14/16 – Day Four

Breakfast: Adding more fruit to distract from the sausage and eggs.

Lunch: leftover enchilada stuffed sweet potatoes

Dinner: Acorn squash stuffed with sausage, apples, and leeks. Roasted green beans.

Day four thoughts: Almond butter is tasty and full of flavor. I used to think it was too bland. Also, this headache can go away any time now. 

Saturday 10/15/16 – Day Five

Breakfast: My avocados have ripened! Hooray for new ingredients.

After breakfast I attempted my last long run before my half marathon. Gu (sugar) is out as fuel, so I used dates.

Dates are delicious and so sweet it’s like I’m using Gu. I struggled through 8.5 walk/run miles. It may have partially been my change in diet but not running for 9 days (vacation) didn’t help. 

Lunch: Leftover stuffed acorn squash and green beans. I can’t believe I’m eating squash. 

Then we went to the movies. The movies have popcorn, which I love. Tracy had popcorn, because I don’t want to deprive her. I went to the movie super full and with zucchini chips (who am I?!) as a snack.  I ate my “chips” and didn’t mind that much that I wasn’t eating popcorn.  Small victory!

Dinner: Another potato, now with cilantro and avocado.

Day five thoughts: this was supposed to be a “kill all the things” day but my mood was happy. I think I wanted to kill all the things earlier in the week, but that was work stress. Now I just have this headache. 

Sunday 10/16/16 – Day Six

Breakfast: I think I’m becoming part chicken.

Lunch: another stuffed potato. 

Then I went back to Costco! Costco has so many compliant foods and I have this blog post to thank for sending me in the right direction. 

I’m not eating the bread and cheese.

Dinner: Costco sliced beef, asparagus, and mashed potatoes that tasted better than they look. I added ghee that I made.

Day six thoughts: my 22.5 mile bike ride felt harder than it normally does. I was sluggish and sleepy. 

Monday 10/17/16 – Day Seven

Breakfast: welcome to the fold, strawberries!

Lunch: Last night’s dinner, plus sautéed kale.

Dinner: mashed potatoes with ghee, apple, burger with lots of toppings, including mustard, which is compliant.

Day seven thoughts: I can’t believe I’ve done this for a week! I feel so happy, both from what I’m eating and the sense of accomplishment I get from making everything myself and knowing exactly what I am eating. I still have the headache but it feels like it’s lifting. 

On to week two!


5 responses to “Whole 30 – Week 1

  1. The headache may be from caffeine withdrawal, and what’s wrong with Tim Horton’s coffee? I love it. I am so proud of you for doing all this work to look at your diet and set things straight. I find that if I eat an apple in the afternoon and then almonds a bit later, while sticking to a pretty healthy diet(except for chips for lunch) and sometimes a Lean Cuisine for dinner, I can maintain my weight and feel pretty good. Kudos to you, Nora!

    • Thanks! I am still drinking coffee, so I think my caffeine level is the same. It may be slightly less due to not eating chocolate.
      Tim Horton’s coffee is delicious but we ordered the iced kind that probably has a cup of sugar in it. So much sweeter than what I make at home.

  2. I’ve heard of The Whole 30 but it’s not something I’d want to do myself.
    I’m interested to see how you feel in the coming weeks and how you feel during the half marathon.
    Good luck!

  3. I admire your discipline! Hope the headache goes away soon!

  4. I think it’s great that you’re trying to eat healthy, as we all need good nutrition. As runners, we especially need the nutrition to run well. However, if you don’t mind me asking, in what ways does the junk food make you feel bad? If it’s emotionally, we should never feel guilty about treating ourselves now and then. If it’s physically, there may be other factors, which should be taken into consideration (such as blood sugar levels, gluten sensitivities, etc). It’s all finding that balance, and learning to work with it, and be willing to adapt it as your needs change. Food may give you fuel, but it should also bring you happiness and comfort. We should live to eat, not eat to live. 🙂

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