The Glo Run 8/19/16

I ran the Glo Run 5k last night. Last year I saw photos friends posted of it and thought it looked really fun, so this year I did it.

The race has glow in the dark stuff that makes it fun but the drawback is that means the start has to be when it’s dark; 8:10pm. Keeping it real, I’m usually asleep by 8:22pm. (Yes, that exact time is when I go from reading/watching The Good Wife to eyes closed.) So the time was a challenge. Honestly 8:10am would be a late start for me. So I had a lot of time to stand around at the start. 

Races like this, where there’s some kind of “gimmick”, attract a lot of people who don’t normally run races. With that in mind, I tried to get in front of as many people as possible when they opened the start chute. 

We were like cattle. 

Then we all waited in there for a while, and I sized up the people next to me. I wasn’t planning on running for a PR, but I got the feeling there were walkers around me. Even though the announcer said walkers go in the back, people don’t listen. He’d also said white bibs in front (white, like mine, had timing chips) and I saw plenty of black bibs around me. 

Anyway, when 8:10 rolled around we were finally released. As predicted, I had to weave around plenty of walkers and slower runners. There were also kids sprinting in random directions and then stopping. I tried to be patient with them because good for kids for running a 5k but I’m old and set in my ways and I don’t like anyone in my space when I’m trying to get into my pace. 

We started running through the Muny parking lot and after we ran out of it I did finally get my own space to work out my pacing. I have been struggling hard core with my running so I hoped to just run the whole race and enjoy looking at bright stuff. 

They had glow in the dark inflatables every so often; all 80s themed. (The race was 80s themed.)

Then they had bright things to run past/through. 

There was 80s music playing at all the glow stations. I heard “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” roughly 500 times. 

We were in Forest Park, which was probably the best spot in St. Louis for a glow in the dark race, but there were still park lights on. 

As you can see, the crowd did thin out quite a bit near me. So I’m glad I got as close to the front as I did. 

Running through this thing was probably my favorite. I like feeling contained by things. 

More inflatables. I believe this was around mile two; I was so thankful to only have a mile to go. 

Lots and lots of people going through the thing I did at the beginning. This was a big event for walkers. 

Zack Morris phone near the finish. 

As we approached the Muny parking lot a guy near me stopped to walk just as we’d reached the top of a hill. I told him “you can do it, we’re almost there!” Then I passed him. I’m not a chump. 

When we approached the finish some girls passed me, and another near me started sprinting. I normally do that but I already knew this would be my slowest 5k in years. I had a very whatever attitude as I coasted into the finish. 

Then I got the hell out of there. It was almost 9pm after all. Grandma had sleeping to do. 

The chip timed option came with a medal, which was this. 


As I was laying in bed, I looked up my race results. 

Um, what? Fourth in my age group?!? That never happens. And fourteenth female??? Had I not let that pack of girls pass me at the end, I would have been even higher. 

Then I looked at the detailed results for women. 

I heard them announce the winner, Kristen Van Horn. I recognized her name because she writes a blog I read, The Concrete Runner. So that was cool. 

But even cooler to me was how close I was to the top. Had I run the same time as my last 5k, I would have been sixth female overall and won my age group. !!! So now of course I’m kicking myself for stopping to take pictures and not pushing the pace at the end. Oh well. Lesson learned. I suppose the fact that this was a non-runners race worked to my advantage, so if I run this next year I’ll try to race it. 


6 responses to “The Glo Run 8/19/16

  1. I think it’s very exciting that this girl placed 14th–when she just wanted to have fun!

  2. This race looks like fun! You did really well too for someone who has “been struggling hardcore”. Now I wish I would have remembered it.
    And now that song is stuck in my head! :–)

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