My Race Calendar

I’m still getting weekly treatment for my sore hip flexor, but that’s going well enough that I’ve signed up for some races. Big River Running Training Team started last Sunday so I’m again following a half marathon training schedule though I haven’t signed up for one yet. I’m enjoying the flexibility. I’m also enjoying running with far less hair.

Throwback to when I was two!

Here’s what I have committed to:

Need for Speed 5k Friday July 29th – I signed up for this the other day after Dr. Rasch said he thought I’d be fine to run in it. This race is the culmination of our summer speedwork sessions and pretty cheap (was around $14 with my speedwork discount). Before this hip annoyance my goal would have been a PR, sub 25 minutes, but now it will be a surprise. Sub 27 would be nice.

The Glo Run Friday August 19th – Another Friday night 5k. The only other fun run I’ve done is Color Me Rad in Madison. That was a fun experience, but it was not timed and the course was short. The Glo Run does have a chip timed option, which I selected, which will satisfy the competitor in me. And while I’ve run night races before, I’ve never run one when it’s dark, so I’m looking forward to that. Plus Glo stuff.

That’s the end of what I’ve actually signed up for, but I have some others in mind.

One or more of the Rock ‘n Roll Races October 15th-16th – The Rock ‘n Roll Half got me in to distance running in 2011, but I haven’t done that race since my sub 2:00:00 PR of 2013. Now that I run without music, I think I’d appreciate the on course bands more. 
The Go! Halloween 10k Sunday October 23rd – I love this race because people dress up. Last fall I ran the half marathon as batgirl.

I don’t know what I’ll dress up as this year, but I do know I want to run for 6.2 miles, not 13.1.

St. Louis Track Club Half Marathon Sunday November 6th – This is the only local half marathon I haven’t done, which is its major selling point. One of my running friends told me it’s great, but I know it’s hilly (Clayton is hilly), which I normally avoid like the plague. 

St. Louis Turkey Trot 8k – I’ve had my eye on this race for years because they give out cinnamon rolls at the end. I know I could simply purchase cinnamon rolls, but it’s much more satisfying to run 8k, whatever distance that is, in questionable weather, and then receive one. Plus, we get fleeces as part of our entry fee. I’m doing it!


4 responses to “My Race Calendar

  1. I’d run for a cinnamon roll too! No, I’d have to walk.
    Wishing you the best, as always!

  2. Great, now there are three more races I have my eyes on! Thanks a lot! :-p

  3. Good luck, Nora but don’t overdo it – for your hip’s sake! BTW, you’re the prettiest Batgirl I’ve seen! 🙂

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