KT82 Trail Relay Training – Week 6

I’m so happy to be back home and in an exercise routine again.

I’m happiest when I’m able to do a wide variety of activities and do something active nearly every day. So this week was good. 

You may notice I ran twice after I just said I might not run until my race June 4th. After I said that I realized this Wednesday was the first week of Big River Running Summer Speedwork, which I’d signed up for the first time after years of knowing about it. I tend to be apprehensive about new things, and I knew if I missed the first session it would be hard to convince myself to go because I would assume everyone else was an expert and I’d look ridiculous. I also knew there would be someone from Precision Health on hand and I could ask them if I was nuts to run through my hip flexor pain.

So I went to Speedwork in Maplewood and it was great. I ran an easy mile on my own and then we broke into five groups. If totally healthy I would have joined group 3 in search of a sub 25 minute 5k. But I played it smart and joined group 4. The plan was to run 3-5 800 meter intervals (2 laps on the track/half a mile) with a short walk break between each. The coach leading my group rattled off various paces people should target but it was way too much information so I just aimed for 4:10-4:20ish for the intervals and hoped that was appropriate. 

Nailed it.

I opted out of the last interval and found the Precision Health doctor. I described my symptoms: dull pain near my right hip for about a month, still have it after 10 days of no running, don’t usually feel it walking, sharp pain as I laid down the night of my 10k, as if my body wanted my leg to be bent. He said it sounded like a strained hip flexor, which is common for people who sit at desks all day. He told me to step my left leg up on the bench, keep my back straight, and lean forward to stretch the hip flexor in my right leg. I should also make sure to move every hour at work so I don’t get locked into a certain leg position. And he said it’s ok to run with it as long as the pain isn’t severe; he said it should start to feel better. If the pain is the same or worse I should see him Wednesday night, so I may do that since I still have the pain today, however at least now I’m not scared I’m making it worse. Actually, on my run today I felt better after I passed three miles, which makes me feel good about having two nearly six mile legs of the relay.

I also feel good about biking, so I’m going to do that tomorrow to help with day after running soreness. I’m so proud of myself for biking Friday morning before work; it was raining but I did it anyway. Mud splattered all up my legs. Reminded me of splashing in puddles as a kid.

This week I’ll bike, swim, Speedwork, something else, rest, then race Saturday! I’ve all but ignored the fact this is a trail race but I’m really excited to run in nature.


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