KT82 Trail Relay Training – Weeks 4 and 5

Two weeks ago I kept very active.

I also had another run in with my YMCA pal who always chooses the locker right next to mine despite the wide availability of other options. 

I didn’t take any rest days two weeks ago because this past week I was on vacation, and knew my training would end up like this. 

We did end up doing lots of walking, but I didn’t do any regular workouts. But fear not, my personal space was still invaded by a stranger, but in Washington DC. 

This woman created a seat using the rail of the bench I was sitting on. Didn’t ask if was ok. Didn’t say anything at all. Just sat. Why does this always happen to me?


So my race is in less than two weeks. I haven’t run since last Saturday; 10 days tomorrow. Our vacation came at a pretty good time for me to take a bunch of rest. I still have the soreness in my right leg (hip flexor?). Where my Garmin is resting. 

I’ve had this soreness for about four weeks now. I first noticed it after a Bodypump class that contained a bunch of lunges that quickly transitioned into leg lifts. I’ve been running through it but decided to use the vacation for dedicated rest. I notice the pain sometimes after I stand after sitting for a while and sometimes when walking a lot. I don’t have any pain during biking and swimming so I’m going to do that for a while. My cardio is probably strong enough without more running before the race to be able to finish all my legs of the relay.

Speaking of, it looks like this is how our relay legs are going to shake out.  

Dealing with pain is annoying but I’m pretty excited about a new type of race so there’s no way I’m missing it, even if that means I don’t run until that day!


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