KT82 Trail Relay Training – Week 3

I love going out of town, but I am so glad to be back in a routine. 

It’s been pleasant all week, so I’m taking advantage of that by walking Leonard, our 12ish year old beagle mix we got from Stray Rescue in 2005. He was not interested in going very far at first, but today we crossed the half mile barrier! Maybe he just needed to get back into walking shape. 

Our “walks” are a lot of this, which is fine because this is mostly for him. And I appreciate the chance to move my stiff legs around; no matter what pace. 

I swam 70 laps Thursday but have not been able to enter that information on Garmin Connect. If you know me, you know I like detailed, accurate information, so I’m annoyed all week the lap field has been nonexistent. 

Running has been great this week. I’m amazed last Thursday I couldn’t run a mile without quitting, because this week there’s been no issue. I went on a nice long run Wednesday and then ran to the gym then around our neighborhood afterward on the other two days. 

I’m also experimenting with running more miles on consecutive days. One of my favorite bloggers, Allison, swears by the Hansons Method, which requires running six days a week to train your body to run through exhaustion. I’m toying with the idea of using their half marathon training plan for the fall. But ever the cautious one, I’m just testing out extra running now. 

Today I did a bunch of gardening because I bought eight bags of mulch yesterday and there was no way I was going to drive to work with them tomorrow because they’d certainly stay there all week. So you bet I recorded the hours of gardening on Garmin Connect because hauling them was exhausting! But I’m very happy with the results. 

Our old deck used to extend over this space, thus the strange concrete, but now it’s a little garden. 

Tomorrow I’m thinking about running twice–before and after work. Of course it’s supposed to rain all day on the day I’m motivated to do this, so we’ll see!


2 responses to “KT82 Trail Relay Training – Week 3

  1. Great job with the mulch, Nora! Your little house looks so pretty!

  2. Sometimes after running and running and running it’s nice to just take a leisurely walk with no where to go and nothing tracking you.

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