KT82 Trail Relay Training – Week 2

This week got away from me in a hurry. 

I don’t think I’ve been this inactive in months. 

Monday: I was sore from Sunday and slept in. 

Tuesday: Ran, but was sore right here. 

I assumed being sore on whatever muscle that is was from BodyPump but maybe it’s running related. 

Wednesday: I figured swimming would help with that soreness, so I headed to the pool. Unfortunately I’ve been hitting snooze lately, which isn’t really a good idea at 5am, so I only had time for 30 laps. 

After swimming I had a strange social interaction; something that seems to happen to me a lot. I’d taken my shower and was finishing getting ready in front of my locker when a woman entered my bank of lockers and chose the one next to me. 

Giving her the benefit of the doubt, I assumed she was using one of the lockers with the stickers on them, meaning they’re rented. But no, her locker has the green lock on it. 

This wouldn’t seem so bizarre except there was literally no one else in our section. 

Do people have no concept of personal space?!?

Thursday: I made an attempt at a run late in the evening but it turned into a walk almost immediately. Crazy how little motivation I had to move. These guys were moving faster than me. 

The rest of the week: We went to Mississipi to visit Tracy’s family and it was 2,000 degrees with 1,000% humidity. I don’t know how people in the south exercise outside. The only workout I got was lifting the weight of my suitcase that contained running gear I did not use. 

On the positive side, this. 

I do love southern food. I’m good and carbed up now and I figure my body and mind probably needed a break. At least that’s how I’m explaining my terrible Thursday run. 



5 responses to “KT82 Trail Relay Training – Week 2

  1. I went to Mississippi a few years ago but it was in February. It was also supposed to be warm. It wasn’t. In fact there was an ice storm one night. I totally know what you mean about personal space. Kelly and I went to a basketball ball game once and this group of people set right next to us when there were PLENTY of seats available. Not the same as a changing room but still!

  2. OMG ARE THOSE FRIED PICKLES?! I LOVE THOSE. The local pub up the street has them. I need to go get some ASAP.

    The gym story had me cracking up. At my gym, I swear people do that to be weird. It annoys me when I swim before work and there is someone who sets up shop directly next to me. I just don’t have time for anything except my workout and getting the F out of there. I’m not trying to be mean or rude, but I don’t have time for “no you can get in your locker, go for it, I’ll get out of your way”. I think that makes me sound mean. But I swear, I smile and everyone and say hi! I’m just pressed for time. There is a HUGE locker room FULL of lockers. Just…why? Baffles me every single time.

    • I love fried pickles too and I ate the hell out of those!
      People are pretty slow and unaware in the gym locker room before work. I get that it’s early, but come on! I encounter people sitting on the bench blocking multiple lockers all the time too. I’m always very friendly too but inside I’m screaming at them.

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