KT82 Trail Relay Training – Week 1

My next big race is the KT82 Trail Relay on June 4th. My friend Paul and I will be running with four people he knows for a total of 82 miles. We will each run the equivalent of a half marathon over the course of a day, split into three relay legs for each member of our team. I have no idea how to train for this so I’m winging it! I’m still in half marathon shape so I’m going to try to maintain that endurance and add some speed.

Here’s what I did in week 1 of my training. 

Swimming: On Thursday I was in a lane next to a guy who was the fastest swimmer I’ve ever been next to. He was flying by me with seemingly no effort at all. He inspired me to push extra hard on my final 10 laps and I finished them in 4:58! Breaking 5 minutes for 10 laps has been a goal of mine for a long time but it also seemed impossible. On Thursday I focused on using my arms and shoulders more and it paid off. I’m really motivated by competition and it seems like more than ever lately I’m next to speedy swimmers. This can only help me improve.


I ran to the gym to lift weights a couple of times but that’s nothing compared to Bodypump. 

I was sore for days after class on Saturday. Still love it. 


Sundays have been reserved for long runs the past few months but the idea of running long on my own sounded awful to me so I came up with an alternate plan. I decided I should practice the type of running I’ll be doing during the relay so I ran once in the morning, went to work for a few hours, then ran around midtown. 

I deserve a medal for sticking to this plan because the night before I woke up at 2am and felt sick to my stomach. Apparently eating half a bag of Bugles in bed while watching HGTV’s Tiny House Hunters isn’t the best strategy the night before a long run. Those little cones of salt were so delicious, but there’s a reason I don’t eat from packages; I cannot stop. Well, my body made that decision for me at 2am and I puked for the first time in years. I felt better, but the next day I was pretty drained. But the weather was gorgeous so I got out in it and saw this guy at Wilmore Park.

I stopped immediately when I saw him because is this a penguin?!? In St. Louis?

I continued on and completed run #1. I was really happy with this pace because I did a smidge of walking. 

Then I went to work and afterwards got out in the beautiful yet very warm for running 80 degree day. I ran past SLU to the edge of Forest Park and turned back. At that point I did a lot of walking. The heat got to me. I’m used to 55-65 degrees and I was just not having the temps. I walked past Chaifetz Arena and saw a guy having a worse day than me. 
I was thrilled with my overall pace on run #2 considering all the walking. 

I don’t know why my GPS didn’t record that last 0.08 of a mile but I added it back in because I needed the records to show I completed 10 total miles Sunday. 🙂

The split runs didn’t seem to be a problem; it’s the heat I need to be prepared for. I’m hoping race day excitement will help get me through the weather. 


8 responses to “KT82 Trail Relay Training – Week 1

  1. Nice job this week! I love how you incorporate cross training. It makes me really want to get back in the pool when I read about you swimming! A penguin in St. Louis?! I am pretty sure that is really not normal, right?! I’m also hungry for Bugles now. I haven’t had those in years!

    • Thanks! Swimming makes my running soreness go away like nothing else I’ve found. Now that the weather is nicer I want to be outside more but I’m going to try my best to keep going to the pool.

  2. I too wonder what kind of bird that is!
    Also, what is body pump again?

  3. Sorry to break it to you but that’s no penguin….it’s a black-crowned night-Heron. No need to notify the zoo. 🙂

    Running in the heat is no fun but at least there isn’t any ice to fall on!

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