Half Marathon Training – The Week After the Race

I took it easy this week.  

I planned not to run during the week, but I wasn’t super motivated to do anything else at the gym, so I slept in a few days. The weather was gorgeous all week so I was very tempted to run after work, but now that I exercise in the morning I just can’t motivate myself to do anything but eat and sit around after work. So that’s what I did. 🙂

I got back to more rigorous exercise on Saturday. Bodypump continues to be really challenging. This week in addition to a zillion reps with weights on our bars we dropped the bars and jumped on and off our exercise platforms (I’m blanking on the actual name for those things). Like the rest of the class, these movements alone are pretty easy, but after so many reps I was concerned I might puke. I didn’t though. Yay!

Today was another gorgeous day.  

Everything is blooming and I’m really loving living in south city.  

Since it’s Sunday I planned to do a long run but since spring training team is over I ran alone in our neighborhood. I am not good at motivating myself for a long run alone. I ran four miles faster than I would with a group and then walked once I approached a hill. I was still over four miles from home so I decided to make the second half of my “long run” an interval workout instead.  


I was inspired to run intervals because I just signed up for Big River Running’s Summer Speedwork in Maplewood. I’ve done Big River’s half marathon training five times now but never Speedwork. I’m excited, despite the fact it starts at 7pm and I’d normally be winding down for bed at that time. Perfectly normal for a 35 year old. 

I’ve got the Ferguson 10k in May and the KT82 Trail Relay and Macklind Mile in June. The KT82 is a brand new race for me. My six member team will cover 82 miles in a day, each of us running three legs. It will be about the equivalent of a half marathon but because I’ll be running segments throughout the day I have no idea how worn out I’ll get. I’m planning on running faster like I would for a short race and basically winging it. As far as training, I’ll probably keep doing what I was doing for my half marathon and be flexible with the long run if I’m by myself and hating it. I think I’ve gotten pretty good with intuitive training; I’ll do what feels good for me. 


2 responses to “Half Marathon Training – The Week After the Race

  1. You’ve got some fun races coming up! Trail races have become my favorite so I’m pretty jealous! Have fun!

    • This will be my first! I’m not sure if it will be flat trail or more varied elevation that will slow me down. It will be fun regardless.

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