Half Marathon Training – Week 14 – Taper Week!

My race is tomorrow! Ack!

Today I am going to lay around all day. Hopefully I will finish off the laundry and put it away but I’m making no guarantees. I am going to enjoy the hell out of this rest day. Here’s what I’ve done this week: 


Monday: Swimming the day after a long run is my favorite. I had some residual soreness from Bodypump Saturday. This image is the closest approximation to what I was feeling.  


It didn’t go down my leg; just the blue V area. Anyway, swimming 50 laps made it go away. Swimming is magic. 

Tuesday: I planned to run outside but it was too cold so I went back to sleep. Taper weeks means I embrace rest.

Wednesday: It was warm enough to run outside, so that’s what I did.  

Thursday: Nearly went back to sleep again, but I knew swimming would make me feel good, so I swam another 50 laps and stretched in the hot tub.

Friday: Last run before my race! 

After Wednesday’s run I was on top of the world and ready for an aggressive race goal of 9:30 miles and faster. After Friday’s run I was convinced that pace would feel horrible all race and I want this to be fun, not horrible. I know I can’t judge my fitness by any one run; and I really need to see how I’m feeling tomorrow. That said, I do have a race plan (that I’m completely willing to abandon if it feels awful).

Race Plan!

Miles 1-3: Target pace: 9:30 miles.

Miles 4-6: Reevaluate. It often takes miles before I feel like I’m in a groove. If I don’t feel like death, I’m going to attempt to go faster. Target pace: 9:15 miles.

Miles 7-9: Same strategy as previous segment. Target pace: 9:00 miles.

Miles 10-12: Target pace: 8:45 miles. Typing that scares me, but this is just slightly faster than I ran the St. Patrick’s Day 5 Miler, so I don’t think it’s impossible. 

Miles 12-13.1: Run as fast as I can.

That plan is a best case scenario, best running day in years plan. This “A” goal is not likely. However I’ve decided I’d rather shoot for the stars knowing I may burnout and walk later in the race rather than finish feeling strong and wonder if I could have given more. If I walk, I walk. But I also feel stronger than I have in years, healthy, and I think all my fast finish treadmill runs have prepared me to run my race like this, getting faster as I go along.

My “B” goal is to beat one of the times from my previous two Go! spring half marathons. And my “C” goal is to beat my time for my last half, the Go! St. Louis Halloween Half.


I’m excited to add another time to this list tomorrow morning!


5 responses to “Half Marathon Training – Week 14 – Taper Week!

  1. I am excited to read about the race. You had a great week! I am catching up in reverse so I am looking forward to seeing what the outcome was. I hope you had a great day!

  2. Congrats on a great race! I have been wanting to visit St. Louis, as I have never been there. This looks like a fun event. Maybe sometime in the future.

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