Half Marathon Training – Week 13

My half marathon is this Sunday so last week began the gradual cut in mileage. 

Running: I intended to run about 40-45 minutes Wednesday but I had some digestive issues that required immediate attention so I cut it short. The next day I decided to run 9:30/mile and faster for two miles. I’m a little paranoid that I haven’t done any pace runs; I either do long runs at 10:45/mile or I do 3-5 mile runs and steadily change the pace on the treadmill to average in the 9s. So I’m really not sure what pace I can keep for 13.1 miles. Sunday will be a surprise! This past Sunday was my last long run with Big River Training Team. We ran in U City/Clayton.  

 I’m really going to miss running with my pack. Luckily I only have to wait a few months for Fall Training Team. 🙂
Swimming: I swam 50 laps on Monday and then a quick 20 after my run on Wednesday. I think 10:23 is my fastest for 20 laps. Also, I noticed when swimming the muscles on the tops of my feet near the ankle were still sore from my hike on good Friday. I didn’t notice the soreness except while swimming. It’s so satisfying to know I exercised a new muscle group. 

Strength Training: This routine is falling apart a bit, and it’s not going to improve during taper week. I did get to Bodypump, and because I’ve only been going every other week my body continues to be in shock days after the class. I like it. I casually rode a stationary bike after class to help with the soreness and also to read email. 

Rest: Two rest days and I loved them. I’ve done the work; now it’s all about being gentle to my body to feel the strongest possible for my race.


3 responses to “Half Marathon Training – Week 13

  1. I can’t believe the race is this weekend! All the best to you! 🙂

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