Half Marathon Training – Week 12

Usually after 12 weeks of training it’s time for my race, but I still have two weeks to go so I’m not sure what happened here. So 14 weeks of training it is. 

Week 12 was good.  


Monday: I went for my normal Monday morning swim, expecting it to help with my Bodypump soreness from Saturday (and the 18 miles I’d run the day before). Unfortunately I’d tweaked something Saturday and realized I didn’t have full range of motion when twisting my neck to the left. So breathing was tough. I cut the swim short after 30 laps and sat in the hot tub for a while.

Tuesday: my neck was still a bit sore but that had no effect on my running, so I ran outside.  

 It’s still dark at 6am, so I stuck to the main (lit) roads until it was light enough to take the Greenway back home.  

 Since I had such a high mileage week last week I deliberately ran based on feel and didn’t look at my watch, just wanting to run easy. Easy ended up looking like this.  

Wednesday: Still had the neck thing going on so I skipped swimming in favor of an hour more sleep. I think rest is just as important as activity at this stage of training. 

Thursday: Went to the gym for a treadmill run. I did my normal negative split run, getting faster every five minutes or so, but apparently got a little too fast because I had to walk a minute in the middle. Even so I did 3.20 miles and averaged 9:22/mile. Side note – I have no idea what pace to target for my half marathon. 

Friday: I had Friday off and it was sunny so I drove out past Six Flags to Greensfelder Park, my first time there. There are a bunch of trails; I took the Declue trail.  

 At the beginning you can hear people at Six Flags screaming as they zoom down roller coasters, and you can see them in the distance.  

 Kinda cool but I was going for total isolation from man made stuff, so I was happy to lose the sounds and visuals sometime after mile two. I was mostly by myself although I did see about ten people total, including some mountain bikers.  
 I feel like going up hills like this would be challenging enough, but there were lots of rocky sections too. I have no idea how people navigate these on bikes.  

 Yes, I went up that, and yes, my ass is still sore.
The thing about having the whole day off is I tend to just go and go, knowing I have no time constraints. I did the Declue trail and added on the Dogwood trail as well. Lots of up and down.  

 I did run some of the 10.50 miles I ended up doing, but most was walking since it wasn’t officially a running day, just a day to get out and do a different type of exercise that’s good for the body and soul.  

Saturday: I intended to go to Bodypump at 7:30am but the level of soreness I was experiencing was unreal so I got up at 6am, ate cereal and drank coffee, then went back to sleep. Then I laid in bed literally all day. I know my body needed that time to repair itself. 

Sunday: Training team didn’t have an official meetup since it’s Easter, but I planned to meet some of the group at 8am. I thought they’d be running less than the 10 miles I’d planned on so I got to Forest Park early and did four on my own. 

 It ended up being quite a lovely morning.   

 Then I met the other girls and maintained a more traditional long run pace.  

 So I ended up running 14 total miles. More than planned, but I’m relying more on feel than being a stickler to a plan. 
Next Sunday is my last long run before my race, so I’ll probably stick to the 10 miles in my plan. I want to leave my legs as fresh as possible for my race.


3 responses to “Half Marathon Training – Week 12

  1. Go Nora! I loved the roller coaster.

  2. I love exploring the woods like that. You find such awesome trails. I need to do that.

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