Half Marathon Training – Week 11

Running: More miles last week than ever before! 

This was mostly due to my 18 mile run Sunday but I did run three other times too. It was warm enough to run outside without a zillion layers on Wednesday and Saturday so I ran to the gym both days. I like that option when I want to run and also do something else. Like…

Bodypump: I made it back for my third class. I missed last week due to my 5 mile PR race and boy did I feel it. Now that I’m more comfortable with the technique I’m trying to challenge myself to do all the reps. Like the first class, this soreness has intensified since Saturday. I’m looking forward to forgetting my biceps are in my arms once again when the pain goes away. 🙂

Swimming: Monday I did a longer swim; Thursday I swam 50 laps as fast as I could. I wear my Garmin and hit the lap button every 10 laps to keep track of my laps. Sometimes I still lose count but I can figure out how many I did later by looking at my 10 lap times. Anyway, I am getting closer to the elusive 5:00/10 laps time, which would be 30 seconds for each length of the pool. I’m not sure how to get there but I will keep trying. 


One response to “Half Marathon Training – Week 11

  1. Nice job this week! As a former high school swimmer, you are making me want to get back in the pool. Crap.

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