Long Run to the St. Louis Arch

Subtitle: My longest run ever!

Today’s long run could have been a disaster. We were out at a trivia night late last night so my night before the long run fuel consisted of buffalo chicken dip/chips, nachos with jalapeños, mac and cheese, Bugels (forgot how good those are) and beer. 

I did limit myself to two beers and had several waters and a Gatorade, so I had that going for me. 

I woke up to this six hours later. 


Snow? Really? I wore shorts for an outdoor run on Wednesday! Making preparation more complicated was the forecast for rain after the snow. I really should have settled on my clothes the night before, because after my deliberations (and not being able to find my keys) I got to training team five minutes late. 

Groups were just starting to exit the Forest Park visitor’s center, so I wasn’t too late to run, but I was a little flustered. About 0.45 miles into the run I realized that my Garmin hadn’t started and I am still trying to find a way to be ok with not having perfect mileage tracking. 🙂

We ran through City Garden and there were flowers blooming everywhere as the snow continued to fall. It was very beautiful. 


On to the arch! 


We arrived at St. Louis’ tallest landmark after about 6.25 miles.  


A couple groups had arrived and we all took pictures.  By now the snow was transitioning to rain, which was neat. And by neat, I mean cold and wet. 

The 10:45 group! 


We were getting cold so we decided to get moving back toward Market street. We took Market to Compton to Laclede and through SLU.  SLU had changed so much since I was there almost 14 years ago. They’re always building something. 

We got back to the visitor’s center just after 12 miles. I’d pretty much stopped looking at my watch around that point.  

Photo credit: Robert Harrison

Beth, Becca and I stopped for the bathroom and water and then headed back out with some women from the 11:15 group. On our way east we passed two geese right on the edge of the path. One of them was not having us near her and hissed at us. I’m not sure what damage a goose could really do–peck at us? But we scampered away anyway. 

So I’d planned to run 14-16 miles but there was a bike race in the park. This meant cutting back through the park may have been difficult and I don’t like turning back and retracing my steps. I decided to keep running the perimeter of Forest Park which is almost 6 miles. I knew this would put me over my goal mileage but I was feeling so good, plus the snow and rain had stopped, so I kept going. 

I ended up doing this (plus about 0.45 miles :))


My previous longest run where I just ran was 14 miles. The longest distance I’d covered previously was 16, but that was half walking and half running. This was all running and two miles longer!

The crazy thing is after the run and even now I feel tired but not as exhausted as some other shorter long runs I’ve done. I may feel more tired in the next couple of days but with my race being three weeks away I’ll be able to take it a little easier and not run as far on Sundays. 


3 responses to “Long Run to the St. Louis Arch

  1. Wow, Nora, that’s great!!!!!

  2. Ugh! I remember my Garmin not starting when I thought it had and it threw me off for longer then I’d like to admit. Way to go on your longest run. It feels great to accomplish something like that!

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