Half Marathon Training – Week 10

Last week was my highest mileage week to date.  

Running: I had a terrible run Tuesday; it actually turned into mostly a walk because I simply wasn’t motivated to run. I’m glad that didn’t set the tone for the week. 

The high mileage is mostly due to my magical 5 mile race Saturday. After that, I thought I’d do whatever mileage my body felt like on Sunday. It was warmer but raining, but despite that I ran 12 (soggy) miles.  

Photo credit: Robert Harrison

You can see the other four members of my 10:45 pace group behind me. We started with a huge group for rainy weather; like 15-20 of us (dedication!), and five of us did 12 miles together.

By the end I was so ready to change into my dry clothes in my car that I abandoned pacing and just went for it.  

I don’t understand how 12 miles felt easy the day after I raced 5, but I’ll take it. My quads were sore from the hills of downtown St. Louis but the long run worked some of that out.  

Strength Training: My arms are missing lifting heavy things. This is something to work on; I don’t want to let this fall from my routine. I like being well rounded; this is my way of avoiding injury. 

Crosstraining: Inline skating made another appearance this week! I had Friday off so I drove to Cliff Cave Park to skate on their very flat path. I purchased knee and elbow pads to wear this time, a necessity given my two falls last time. 

This skating attempt went pretty well! Somehow I skate slower than I run and sometimes slower than I walk, but I stayed on my feet this time so I can’t really complain.  

 I think skating will be great for improving my balance. I notice the muscles around my ankles working hard to keep me upright when I skate; hopefully that helps me in some way with my running. 


3 responses to “Half Marathon Training – Week 10

  1. What a great week! You know, I ran that 10 miler a few weeks back and followed it up with a 12 miler the next day that felt fine. It was the few days after that where things got rough. Sometimes it takes my body a day or two to catch up to those hard efforts! Sounds like you are recovering well. I want to go inline skating!!!! I haven’t done that in years. I wonder if I still have mine.

    • Such a good point–the soreness does seem to get worse later. I couldn’t run yesterday because I was sore from the weekend. I was actually a little sore today too but felt good enough to run.
      I’ve been trying to get back to the activities that used to bring me joy as a kid–exploring in the woods, skating, swimming. It really breaks up the monotony of training.

  2. Skating is brilliant. I found I was using muscles I didn’t know I had! Knee pads are a must though! 😊

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