Half Marathon Training – Week 9

Last week I changed my routine a bit; I dropped weight lifting during the week due to DOMS from Bodypump the previous Saturday. I was sore until Thursday. Good sore, but I decided to take the opportunity to rest my muscles and just focus on cardio.  


Swimming: I stuck to shorter swims last week. On one of the days I chose the middle lane, which had a “slow” sign, but it didn’t really matter since I was the first one in the lap lanes. Later when I was finishing my laps I noticed one of the lifeguards had changed my lane to be “fast.” I know I’ve improved from my start as a lap swimmer, taking breaks at each end of the pool, but this external validation made me so happy! 

Running: I upped my runs to three treadmill runs and one long run Sunday. I did a fast short run on Wednesday and then hit the pool. I’ve never done a combo workout like that and it was kind of fun to mix it up. I did feel a little floppy in the pool though, already a little tired before I started. But it was nice to do something different. 

Bodypump: I went back! 

I was able to do more of the reps this time and was less sore. I got on one of the stationary bikes right after the class to stretch my legs out and I think that helped too. I’ll keep going, but I’m skipping this Saturday because I’m running in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Five Mile Run! I haven’t raced since last year and I’m pretty excited about it. I’m going to attempt 9 minute miles with a couple girls from my pace group, but I think it’s supposed to rain, so we’ll see what happens. 


2 responses to “Half Marathon Training – Week 9

  1. Awesome week! I need to get back in the pool. It’s been too long!! I swam in high school and I go in spurts now where I’m really into it. It’s a great way to cross train!

    • I just started lap swimming about a year ago and I have totally embraced it as my cross training. Even when the swim itself doesn’t feel great my body does the next time I run!

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