Long Run – South City

Today’s long was a quick five minute drive to Big River Running’s south city store.  

 Like last time at south city, we followed the Monday night group run’s 7 mile route to the greenway along the River Des Peres.  
 Then since everyone was running at least ten miles we called an audible and decided to go right at Holly Hills/Christy. 

 We turned right at Leona to go around Carondelet park, only entering the park on the east end.  

 Things got dicey when we headed back on Holly Hills. Two different women in our group fell (thanks, south city uneven sidewalks!). The second woman to fall was pretty banged up and said she’d walk back. Meghan decided to call someone from training team back at the store and they came to pick her up. Later I learned she and her daughter (another member of our group) ran an additional 11 miles on the Katy Trail to finish with 18 for the day. Runners are tough. 

We ran back to the store, very very carefully.  

 Thankfully there were no more falls. 

Photo credit: Robert Harrison

We stopped briefly at the store for water and a photo.  We had to document the fact a guy ran with our group. We actually had two at the beginning, which never happens. It was nice. 

Photo credit: Robert Harrison

Then the women headed out again for additional mileage. Two women were doing 16 miles and continued on but the rest of us headed back to the store on the Macklind mile route.  

 Soon we were back at the store, 12 miles done. 


2 responses to “Long Run – South City

  1. Last weekend was another great weekend for a run! And doing 18 miles after a fall?!! That’s one tough lady!

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