Half Marathon Training – Week 8

Running: Last week was a planned scaled back week, so my mileage will be more than 17.22 this week. I never seem to get above 20-25 miles a week with my three runs a week schedule. I’m trying to figure out a way to get that a bit higher to test out how my legs handle it. 

Swimming: Two body recovering swims. Even when I know my form is off, just moving through the water is like a full body massage. On Wednesday we had a minor amount of snow which kept some people away from the gym and I got the pool to myself, which is a real treat. 


Weights: I used the weight machines a few times and felt pretty good about the progression I’ve made to heavier weights. “I’m strong!”, I thought. And then… 

I went to Bodypump Saturday morning. Bodypump is a whole different ballgame. Yes, I am pretty efficient at lifting weights in three sets of ten with breaks in between. But Bodypump requires continuous use of your muscles in an hour long class. You’re lifting weight on a bar and get to choose the weight, but after a zillion reps even the bar alone feels pretty heavy. I had to opt out of some of the reps to recover. 

Part of the class included a bunch of lunges while holding the weight on your shoulders. I should have been suspicious when two girls who’d been to the class before did the lunges with no weight, but I went ahead and held the bar with weight on it. I quickly learned my lesson as my screaming quads and ass forced me to put the bar back on the floor. Three days later and I’m still sore. I knew that would happen and I love it. I’m going to try to make this a regular part of my routine. 


2 responses to “Half Marathon Training – Week 8

  1. I love that “I actually did something” soreness!

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