Long Run – U City/Clayton

This morning’s long run had us back at Big River Running’s U City store.  

We headed left on Delmar and stayed there for a couple miles, going through the heart of the U City loop. It’s such a busy area of restaurants and bars during the day that it’s cool to run through it when there’s no one on the streets. No photos because we were facing the sun. 

We took a right on Skinker, passed Wash U, then took another right on Wydown, which is so often part of our routes.  

 I’m pretty tired of running this long, hilly, street but we did it.  

 When we came to Hanley we took a right and then a left on Forsyth to weave through Clayton until we got to this trail by Schnuck’s at 170.  

 I like the path; it’s one of many greenways that go through St. Louis, but it’s not super peaceful right by the highway.  

 We turned around at Olive and headed back.  

 We were never able to find the street we were supposed to turn left on, so after a brief attempt at finding it, we settled on running back to the store on Delmar. The only problem is there’s a huge, giant, super steep uphill.     

 I don’t think those pictures do the experience justice, but it was hard. Fortunately the beautiful weather helped me have another feel like I could run forever day. I completed the 10 miles with no problem, hills and all.   
 The pacing was kind of sporadic because Becca and I were in front and tend to go too fast without someone to rein us in. Fortunately Amelia did rein us in, but that resulted in a lot of fast and slower miles. But the average was just under 10:45 so I’ll take it!


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