Half Marathon Training Exhaustion

Half marathon training is hard. Even when it is going well, there’s a cumulative exhaustion that happens that is kind of crazy. 

I’m pretty diligent about my sleep. I sleep from 8:15pm-5am every work day. (I know, I’m a 90 year old woman.) And yet somehow I still feel tired during the day. I use the bulk of my lunch hour to take a nap on the staff break room couch. Today I slept soundly for half an hour as people went in and out. This is a thing that I do. Everyone I work with knows that’s my couch. 

In addition to sleeping more, I am eating more. A lot more. Like ordering two entrees at Qdoba and eating both without feeling overly full more. Or eating all this plus two more orders of sushi and miso soup at the all you can eat sushi place.  

 And sometimes after working out I’m not firing on all cylinders like I normally am. Today after my run I was trying to get the last bit of shower scrub out of the container by hitting it against my hand and I cut my middle finger open. 

The irony of the fact it’s “stress relief” is not lost on me.
I know this is all part of training my body to get stronger and faster but it always surprises me how much I am affected by the training. I can’t imagine what I’ll be like when I train for a marathon…


8 responses to “Half Marathon Training Exhaustion

  1. I go to bed at 10:30 and thought that was early! I see people sleeping where I work and always thought it was kind of strange but I guess it’s a pretty normal thing to do though I never could. I have to get out!

    • You work out early like me so I don’t see how you get enough sleep! I have no idea why I’m not self conscious sleeping in front of coworkers since I’m self conscious about most other social interactions. Haha!

      • I probably don’t but I don’t like sleep. I always feel like there’s something else I could/should be doing. Sleeping when other people I don’t know too well are around is definitely out!

  2. I try so hard to get to bed early as an early riser. The only advice I can give as you get to a full is to remember how important rest days are.

    • How many rest days do you take a week? I take 1-2, although I often do something super light like walking our very slow dog.

      • I’m the same. I don’t run more than 4 days, even when I was marathon training, but that’s just me. The marathon hunger was something amazing.

      • That’s me too, except I run 3 times a week, sometimes 4 but that’s rare. Doing other cardio has made me much more well rounded and healthy.

  3. Keep taking good care of yourself!

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