Half Marathon Training – Week 7


Running: Last week was my highest weekly mileage to date, including running on consecutive days. I rarely do that since my stress fracture. But that was nearly two and a half years ago so I feel more comfortable testing my limits. Running is still going great; no pain in my shins which is what started my issues in 2013. And the pain in the bottom of my right foot is barely there. Plus, I’ve been able to complete treadmill runs during the week at a much faster pace than I ran last fall. Reading while running is a great disaction, as well as occasional viewings of Big Cat Diary.  

Although I must say I often don’t last long on that show because the cats inevitably maul something, which is not a process I want to watch. 

Swimming: I only got one swim in last week but it’s so important to me because it’s like a full body stretch. I feel like it erases all the harshness from running and makes my body ready to run hard again. 

Skating: Yes, skating! While enjoying the beautiful 75 degree weather Saturday I made this impromptu purchase.  

I was a big rollerskater when I was a kid; it was one of my favorite things to do. So my thought was I’d get back in touch with that source of joy while adding a new cross training option to my arsenal. The only problem was I was a great rollerskater; apparently rollerblading is an entirely different animal.  A painful one. 

 That was a result of my realizing I didn’t know how to stop as I careened down a hill. I attempted to run off the pavement onto the grass but instead I did a dive and somersault onto the grass. Other than the scrapes, I was fine, so I tried some more, this time on a flat surface. I was happily skating along, aware of a guy in the distance so I was careful to look as in control as possible. Next thing I know I lose my footing and stumble into the grass again. I immediately told the guy I was fine, which I was. Skating is going to be great for me to get over my fear of looking like a fool in front of people!

I tend to be good at anything athletic almost immediately so this is very humbling for me. I got home and watched YouTube videos of how to stop on rollerblades. I’ll give it another go whenever the weather is warm enough again. Lots of room for improvement!


4 responses to “Half Marathon Training – Week 7

  1. You are so funny, Nora, with your stories of embarrassing moments when rollerblading. I just went to a Dance for Health group at Schlafly Library, where most participants had been there before, and I was so embarrassed to not pick up right away on all the steps and probably won’t go back again for fear of embarrassment. Also, there is always one lady who decides to show me how to do the steps and stands next to me counting them out, etc. How annoying was that!

    • That reminds me of how I was when I first went to Zumba years ago. It’s easier if you just accept you’re not going to be great at first and remember that most other people weren’t great at first either! But the counting lady does sound annoying. 🙂

  2. Best of luck with the skating. It will turn out to be fun!

  3. Looks like a good training week! I used to love roller skating when I was a kid. Completely forgot about it though, I’ll have to go buy some new skates sometime.

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