Long Run – Forest Park

This weekend we had some great weather in St. Louis. Yesterday it was around 75 (!!!) and while today wasn’t as warm, the temps in the 40s this morning were enough to convince me to wear shorts for our long run at Forest Park.

Photo by Robert Harrison.

We headed west on Lindell.  Straightaways are fun because we can see other pace groups in the distance. We also saw the sun! So different from last week.

After a right on Wydown and a left on Big Bend, we entered Oak Knoll park, a brand new place for me to run through.


As far as parks go it seemed pretty tiny, but I guess most spaces seem tiny when you plan to cover 12 miles on foot. 🙂 It was quite pretty though.

We popped out on Clayton road and took a quick right to head back toward Wydown. I thought this new route may result in avoiding some hills, but we still got them.

Getting back to Wydown actually provided some relief from uphills.

We had another big group today–maybe 15 or 20 of us and most people stuck together until we go back to Forest Park at Forsyth. Some of the group went left and 6 of us went right to do a loop of Forest Park. It was fun to pass the girls doing 14 miles by the science center.

Forest Park is truly breathtaking when everything is in bloom but it’s not half bad in winter either.

We got back to the visitors center, ran about a half mile out, and then finished just over 12 miles.  Finish photos by Robert Harrison.

Clearly I can be convinced to do whatever my group is doing at the finish. Also, I look like I’m 8 feet tall and can put my group in my pocket.

I’m really happy with the splits my 10:45 group put together.

I had plenty of energy at the end; I think my decision to Gu at miles 4 and 8 was a solid plan.

Cherry lime: surprisingly delicious.

Next week is a recovery week so my long run will step back to 10 miles. I love being at the point of training where I can say I “only” have to do 10 miles next Sunday. 🙂


2 responses to “Long Run – Forest Park

  1. Running with a group at a different park/trail each weekend looks fun and you couldn’t ask for better weather!

    • It really is fun. I used to run only by myself but I’ve grown to love running with a group. If I don’t feel like talking I can just listen to other people talk. It’s very entertaining. You should consider it for the future.

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