Half Marathon Training – Week 6

Halfway done with my training already? How did that happen?

Like last spring, I am really enjoying every workout I do. The long runs are a treat, not something I look to with anxiety. I hope that means my race goes as well as The Go! Half Marathon 4/12/15.

Here’s what I did last week.  

I increased the length of my shorter runs and it wasn’t a problem at all. Really, my only barrier lately is time. If I want to be on time for work I need to be in the shower close to 7am which means I need to begin my workout around 6am (or earlier if I do weights too). Even though I get up at 5am, that’s proving to be a challenge. I blame the Internet and its endless supply of things to look at.

I took Friday off from exercise because I’ve been feeling a little drained at work and I wanted to make sure it’s not due to overtraining. Most nights I get plenty of sleep, so that’s not it. I’ve been falling asleep by 8:15pm, which is crazytown for a girl who used to stay up until 1am or later in college. I’ve changed and I like it. Early morning, when it’s still dark out, is the best part of the day. 


This Sunday’s long run is in Forest Park. I’m aiming for 12 miles, which was my plan this past Sunday but the route ended up a little short. It’s supposed to get into the 70s this weekend. !!! I doubt it will be anywhere near that warm at 7:30am when we run but I certainly won’t need as many layers as this! 



One response to “Half Marathon Training – Week 6

  1. This weekend is going to be great for running! No screws in shoes needed!

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