Long Run – Jefferson Barracks

I was a finalist in the spelling bee in junior high. I was one of the last kids standing but was eliminated on the word barracks. I went back and forth in my mind debating if there was an u or an a before the c. I went with u and to this day I have to double check to make sure I’m spelling barracks correctly. Since starting this post I’ve checked three times. Clearly I let things go easily. 

Anyway, today we met at Jefferson Barracks for our long run. JB is a place I bike to from our house in warmer weather in order to spend time with deer.  

Hello deer!

In honor of the deer, I wore my deer hat my mom’s friend from Japan gave me 15 years ago. Wow do I keep things a long time.  
I also wore my shoes with screws on the bottoms and felt a bit ridiculous as we headed down the path along the Mississippi. My shoes were very loud and seemed unnecessary because it was so clear. 

And then the conditions began to change.  

Along the River Des Peres

Up Loughborough Toward the Park


In Carondelet Park


So Peaceful in Carondelet Park

We did a loop of the park and then retraced our steps back to Jefferson Barracks. That’s when things got really interesting. And by interesting I mean freezing (literally–my hat and eyebrows were frozen), snow/sleet hitting our faces despite being covered, and very low visibility. 

 We had nowhere to go but back to our cars so we kept going.  These pictures do not do the experience justice. Cars were honking at us (in support) and one car rolled down their windows to tell us (in a friendly way) that we were crazy. We know. 

On the Bridge to River City Casino

On the way back along the Mississipi the trail was gone. Neat. It was like running through sand. My screwed shoes didn’t make that any easier. 

Finally, just before 11.50 miles, we ran up the bridge to the parking lot. I could see Robert in the distance. Our photographer is a trouper.  

We got back and discussed how frozen we all were.  

 And took our usual group photo.  

 Then we had the sense to go to our cars.  

If we’re going to have more weather like this, I’m going to need a hat that won’t freeze. 🙂  


3 responses to “Long Run – Jefferson Barracks

  1. Just came across you blog 🙂

    I had a run like this last week where it started out sunny and nice and about half way through the wind and snow picked up and suddenly we were in a blizzard. Fortunately that was during a short run and not my long run! Great job getting it done!

  2. Wow what a great run! You guys sure are crazy (in a good way) way to stick it out and get 11+ miles in!!!

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