How to Make Winter Running Shoes

A few weeks ago I mentioned I’d drilled screws in the bottom of my running shoes

I was inspired by this article, but I had a really difficult time finding the screws they used. I went to Lowe’s and two Home Depots and no one had 3/8-inch hex-head sheet metal screws (size #8 or #10). I decided 1/2 inch wasn’t much bigger than 3/8 inch and bought those, figuring if they impaled my feet I could always take them out.  

 I used my running shoes from last fall. I’d replaced them when I started having pain in the bottom of my foot, but they still have some miles left in them, especially if I only use them for icy/snowy conditions. 

It was hard to get the screws in. I ended up doing what the article suggested, drilling a small hole first, and then trying to get the screws in the tiny hole. 

I was aiming for as close to the edge as possible and I had to redo a couple screws I accidentally put through the side of the shoe. But eventually I got them all in. The whole process took around two hours, although I was watching episodes of Top Chef so I was distracted.

I checked the soles to make sure the screws didn’t get all the way through (I pulled out the padding on top of the bottom of the shoe).

I didn’t see any metal so I thought I was in the clear but when I walked outside a bit I did feel one poking me. I knew that would drive me nuts on a run so I took it out and repositioned it. 

The next day I ran 10 miles in light snow/ice and felt like my footing was really secure. I hope I’m not overconfident, but I think the shoes really helped. The only thing I had to make sure to do was remove my shoes before walking inside so I didn’t ruin our floors with my “cleats”. In fact, I think the shoes are still on the floor by the front door. 🙂 

Based on the weather forecast, I’ll get my second chance to wear them during my 12 mile run tomorrow morning. 



3 responses to “How to Make Winter Running Shoes

  1. thanks for the great tip!

  2. Interesting! . . . And I’m so glad you didn’t get any holes in your foot!

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