Half Marathon Training – Week 5

Last week was another strong week of training.  

I really like the pattern I’ve fallen into; alternating swimming and running and integrating weights makes me feel like I’m using my whole body all week. 


The first day of my training week is also the day after my long run. Lifting weights with my legs lets me use my legs in a different way than the day before. That plus a short moderate pace swim seems to help me avoid delayed onset muscle soreness. 


By the second day I’m ready to run again. I lift weights with my arms first and then hit the treadmill while my arms recover; a slower pace first then gradually increase the pace to keep it interesting. 


Long swim in the middle of the week.  

This is not me. 

I try not to worry about pace (a challenge for me) and instead focus on distance; anything more than 50 laps is long.


My other running day during the week. I was able to do another fast run (for me, anything averaging faster than 10 minute miles) and my legs aren’t bothering me in any places. I feel so much stronger than past years.


Sometimes I use Friday as a rest day, but last week I decided I’d rather stick to my getting up at 5am schedule and went to the gym for a shorter workout. I stretched and did two sets of 2 minute planks and remembered they are hard.  

 I also tried to swim 30 laps as fast as I could and was a little disappointed in my time; not that much faster per lap than my 50 lap swims. I think part of my problem is I get better 20-30 minutes into a cardio activity; it’s hard for me to be a speed demon immediately.


Long run in south city.  

 I’m not sure if it’s the entertaining company or the 10:45 pace but the first five of these long runs have been great for me. I’ve felt like I could have kept going each week. There’s a good chance I’ll have an off week at some point but for now I am just grateful for how well things have gone and I’m really enjoying running. So much so that training for a marathon in the future no longer seems like an absolutely crazy idea. (!!!)


3 responses to “Half Marathon Training – Week 5

  1. All I can say is WOW! I’m so impressed!

  2. If you keep training like this you will have no problem training for a full marathon some day.

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