Long Run at Al Foster Trail

I love running in new places.  

And I love new running shoes.  

Today I wore my new trail running shoes to LaSalle Springs Middle School in Glencoe for an eight mile run with the Big River Running training team. 


There were probably 15 of us initially in the 10:45 group wheb we headed along a paved path toward Al Foster trail, about a mile away. 

I actually hiked at Al Foster trail last fall (part of my series of hikes after I got my Subaru) but I’ve never run there. I love running on different surfaces and the dirt felt great. Plus we ran through a corridor of trees which was just lovely.   

 The route was an out and back which was really fun since we got to pass all the other pace groups. 


The following much nicer than a cell phone quality photos are all by BRTT photographer Robert Harrison.

We got back to the school around 6.7 miles.

We stopped to do some calculations of how far to go out. Math after exertion is hard. 

 We continued on toward Rockwoods Reservation, a place I’d like to explore another time. We turned around and headed back to the school.  

 And we still weren’t at 8 miles so we had to pass Robert again. Our third time on this stretch of the path. LOL.  

And finally we’d gone the necessary mileage to be able to come back.  Good thing we stopped to do math.  

It was a great run though. A serene location, great running surface, and nice weather after we’d warmed up. Plus I just love my group.  

There’s some really funny people in it. I may have no desire to have kids but listening to one woman talk about what her son calls his penis or how he wouldn’t stop saying poop in the store was pretty entertaining. The 8 miles flew by!



4 responses to “Long Run at Al Foster Trail

  1. Looks like a really nice run. I love the pictures!

  2. I love running in new places too. It keeps things interesting!

  3. Love your review of Al Foster! We move to Wildwood last summer and I have yet to explore there! Hope all is well with you!

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