Half Marathon Training – Week 3

It’s time for another timely half marathon training update! Here’s what I did last week: 



I’m trying to do my weekday treadmill runs at 10:00/mile or faster pace.  I start closer to long run pace, around 10:45/mile, and increase at regular intervals. It keeps me mentally engaged; it’s a lot easier to focus on getting to the next minute or two to change it up rather than thinking about how I plan to run in place for about half an hour. 

Strength training:

One day focused on legs and one on arms. I feel like that’s good enough to increase my strength; some weeks I may do more if my schedule allows. The holiday Monday threw things off a bit. 


The snow must have kept people away from the gym Wednesday because when I got to the pool, no one was in the lap lanes. That never happens; usually I am sharing one of the three lanes with someone. It was a real luxury so I decided to do something crazy and attempt flip turns. Like everything else swimming related, I taught this to myself, and just tried to somersault in a way that felt like I’ve seen other swimmers do. The results were mixed; I did flip (I was only brave enough to do so on the deep end) but often I felt like I was going too deep and making it harder on myself. I definitely wasn’t saving time from my normal touch the end of the pool and push off method. But I’m excited to have another chance to work on this when we have another snowy day. 🙂 I did successfully swim 80 laps that day, the longest I’ve ever swam at once. Progress!


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