Half Marathon Training – Week 2

I’m nearly done with week three of training but I wanted to make sure to summarize week two anyway. I find it helpful to go back and read old posts to compare my progress with previous training cycles to figure out what worked and what didn’t. Here’s how week two of 2016 spring half marathon training went.  

I’m really determined to keep weights in my routine but I am finding it more challenging now. When I wasn’t in training I did whatever amount of cardio I wanted; now I am aiming for 2-3 runs during the week. It makes it harder to fit it all in and not be late to work. So for now the weight lifting portion of my workout and gone from 15-20 minutes per session to whatever I have time for. 

With running, I’m aiming for 2-3 weekly runs and also aiming for a certain time, not number of miles. I’m doing all my weekday runs on the treadmill and I find if I know I plan to run for 40 minutes it’s easier to just relax into it rather than be tempted to run faster to be done faster. But that said, I am trying to run faster on the treadmill. My general thinking is I’ll push myself speed wise during the week and keep my long runs at a comparatively slower pace. Last week my short runs were around 10 minute miles and the long run was 10:45. However, because I have to find a way to make the treadmill interesting, I’ve been starting at a slower pace (like 10:45/mile) and increasing the speed as I go along. So near the end of my runs I’m closer to the 8-9 minute range. I let my effort be driven by my body; when I feel my body has too much stress on it I take the pace back down. This is my plan to get faster and stay strong and healthy.

Speaking of that, I still have occasional foot pain but it’s not debilitating and I think the stretches Elena showed me are really helping. I don’t do them as much as she recommended (why is it so hard to set aside time to stretch?) but I have been doing them when I am at the gym. 

I also got shoe inserts at CVS.  

I originally planned to use the clear ones in work shoes and the purple ones in casual shoes but now I am not sure. The clear gel ones slide around and don’t support me as well as the purple ones, which feel like they are cradling my feet exactly where I need support. Because I am cheap, I will probably still try to make the clear ones work until the end of their useful life but going forward I’ll just use the purple ones. Really happy with that purchase. They’re about $10 each, a lot cheaper than buying all new expensive work shoes, which is what I thought I was going to have to do.

Week 3 of training concludes tomorrow at Big River’s U City store. I’m hoping all the snow and ice will be off our path, but if not, I’m doing it anyway! 🙂


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