Half Marathon Training – Week 1

It’s already time to begin training for my eighth half marathon! I just enjoyed a nice period of hibernation around the holidays, so it is hard to believe I’m back to a structured running routine. Especially hard to believe when I’m about to do my long run outside and this is the weather. 

I didn’t want to feel like -11 while running, so I came up with my layering plan.  

I ended up swapping out the shorts for capris under my running tights and added another shirt and a second pair of gloves.  

I’m not much of a sunglasses person but when it is cold and windy my eyes water so much it’s like I’m watching Beaches on repeat. These sunglasses saved the day by blocking the wind.

Since I had the hooded shirt and hat I decided against the balaclava, which ended up being a poor decision because my chin went numb. But the rest of me stayed warm, so I was comfortable overall.

I’ve had some soreness on the bottom of my right foot for the last month or so and have been running slower than my normal 10ish mile pace, so I decided to join the 10:45 group at Training Team this morning. I’m leaving my options open as far as moving up to the 10:30 or 10 (my group last fall) groups later, but today went so well I may stick with 10:45 and run faster during the week. During fall training I had to walk during several of the runs which is pretty demoralizing. This morning I never felt that urge which is a welcome change.

Photos courtesy of Robert Harrison, BRTT photographer.

After I completed six miles around Forest Park I went back to the visitors center and signed up to be stretched (for free!) by Athletico. I had to wait about 45 minutes but it was so worth it because not only did Elena stretch me, she talked about my foot pain with me.  It’s been in these two areas but mostly the ball of my foot.  

I took this after taking a bath; my toes aren’t normally shriveled.

She did a bunch of tests and asked if I had pain first thing in the morning, which is a symptom of plantar fasciitis. Thankfully, I do not, which she said is a good sign. She said it could just be a bone bruise, which is annoying, but not as serious. Then she showed me foot specific stretches and gave me a handout.  

She also gave me her card and said to email if I had any questions. I certainly don’t hope I need treatment beyond the stretches I’ll do on my own but if I do I’m so glad I met Elena. Access to people like her is another wonderful thing about Big River Running.

I had a really busy first week of training. 

 I don’t plan to work out six days a week every week but it felt so good after being far less active between Christmas and New Year’s.

6 responses to “Half Marathon Training – Week 1

  1. OMG! That is cold. I had to convert it to celsius and it’s so low that I cannot imagine what it would be like. Kudos for getting out there 🙂

  2. That’s dedication! And I’m glad you’re taking care of that foot!

  3. Way to not let the cold stop you! That’s so weird about your foot pain. I’ve got the same thing going on but it’s only in the area by my big toe. I’m going try some of those tips on that hand out your got.

    • That is weird! I just got new shoes too; I’m hoping the combination of exercises and more cushioning helps. For some reason I have trouble devoting time to stretching but I’m going to try to make an effort. I hope it works for you too.

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