Heart at The Fabulous Fox in St. Louis 12/1/15

Tracy and I have been fortunate to go to concerts of most of our favorite artists, but one that had eluded us for years is Heart. They’ve come to St. Louis, but always to the Riverport/Verizon/Holloywood Casino Amphitheatre. We have no patience for that venue–it’s hot, takes us 45 minutes to get there, and what seems like hours to get out. We refer to it as the Amphitheatre of Death.

We were beyond thrilled to learn Heart would be coming to one of our favorite venues, the Fox Theater in St. Louis, and bought tickets immediately, despite the show being on a Tuesday night. 

The crowd consisted of older adults and lesbians, which was to be expected. We were elated that there was no opening act and the show began shortly after the 7:30pm scheduled start (I’m a 35 year old “older adult”.)

When Ann and Nancy walked out the first thing we noticed is how much weight Ann had lost.

She looked great. She wore her hair in loose braids which could easily make someone look like they’re trying too hard but it worked for her. Tracy told me both sisters are practicing wiccans; their flowing hair made sense to me for that reason.

Before this show, Nancy was the member of Heart I didn’t have a mental picture of, but she certainly made an impression on me Tuesday.  

Performing “These Dreams”


One of many guitar solos

As a rule, I hate “jams”. I find it so self indulgent when musicians make a song last twice as long as it needs to because they’re busy doing fancy schmancy things on their instruments. I require words to feel connected to a song. But on Tuesday, when Nancy did it, I was completely mezmerized. There’s only one word to describe her: badass. 

Tracy  took several videos during the show, but “Crazy on You” was the peak of Nancy’s baddassery.

I mean, seriously.  If you don’t watch that whole clip, here’s a snapshot of the 1:20 mark.

 I can’t do that, and I’m 26 years younger than her. 

Speaking of our significant age difference, watching Nancy perform was confusing for me. I knew Heart had been around since the 70s so my rough calculations of her age placed her as way too old for me years old. But she was like a little pixie on the stage, jumping around and dancing while playing her guitar faster than my eyes could comprehend. I’m never impressed by male guitarists. Nancy commanded the stage and exuded an a energy that was undeniably attractive. 


That sums up my feelings on sexuality. The energy within a person draws me in much more than the package that energy is radiating from.

I wasn’t the only one in the crowd that felt the energy coming from the stage. I heard many deep male voices yelling “yeah!” and “turn it up!” during quiet moments which was hilarious and awesome. Yeah feminism! 

Tracy diligently wrote down the set list as they played. 

I don’t think of myself as a Led Zeppelin fan, but apparently I am when these women are performing the songs. 


Heart, you were worth the wait.


2 responses to “Heart at The Fabulous Fox in St. Louis 12/1/15

  1. Looks and sounds like a fun time!

  2. Good writeup, Nora and thanks Tracy for noting all the songs!
    Aunt Carol

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