Running is Not Always Fun

I was going to title this post “Getting Out of a Running Rut” but then I realized I already used that title in this post last year. Apparently being burnt out this time of year is my thing.

I ran the Go Halloween Half Marathon about a month and a half ago. Since then I mentally shut down whenever I tried to go for a run. My mind was just like no. So I stopped trying and started doing anything but running.

I got a new car a couple months ago.

in front of my mom’s house in Carbondale

I was hoping the sporty nature of the car (Subaru Crosstrek XV Hybrid​ Touring edition) would make me want to get out in nature more, and it has!

I’ve been inspired to drive out of south St. Louis and explore the trails in the area.  Cliff Cave, Lone Elk, and Castlewood parks are all great. And a couple times I’ve gone to Cliff Cave and brought my bike.

Eventually I’ll get a bike rack but now that the temperature has dropped I’ve put my bike back in the basement for the winter so it’s not urgent.

The hiking has been good for me because I’m still getting in miles but also getting to explore in nature, which is so relaxing.

In the mornings before work I go to the RecPlex. I’ve started lifting weights and swimming more.

After weights some days I also run for a very short time on the treadmill. I’ve been able to increase the distance in the last week. At first I tried to run without music like I was doing outside, but that’s unrealistic on the treadmill. I’ve got to have something to do and the tv at 6:30am leaves much to be desired. The music helps, and running is not as hard as it was a month ago, so I’m optimistic that I’m pulling out of my funk.

After a truly lazy weekend of laying around and playing Candy Crush, I somehow found my motivation to run at 4:30 today. I pulled on a bunch of layers and headed out.

This is why winter running is such a pain the the ass. So many layers and they all end up sweaty when you’re done. Despite that annoyance, the run was great! I made an effort to run easy, determined to run continuously even if that meant a slower than normal pace.

The first and second miles were a pleasant surprise and the third was a complete shock.

Running is so unpredictable. I may run tomorrow and want to walk after five minutes, but today felt great.

I’m still on the fence about signing up for the Hot Chocolate 15k (or 5k) but I’m going to try to increase the amount of running in my workouts in case I do want to sign up. Finding a balance to avoid burnout will be key for me.


3 responses to “Running is Not Always Fun

  1. Go Nora!😍

  2. I love the picture of you in the woods! You don’t strike me as a slacker at all, by the way! I like the diversity.

  3. I am NOT looking forward to this colder weather. Wearing so many layers I feel like Randy on “A Christmas Story” sucks but having a race to “train” for keeps me going. Let’s hear it for the Hot Chocolate 15k!

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