Taper Week(s)!

My race is tomorrow! I’m running the Go! Halloween half marathon, a race I am literally the poster child for on Facebook.  

I am really going to miss seeing my cat costume every time I look at this event. 

My only goals for this race are to run in costume and have fun. My costume will be a surprise until my next post but here’s a sneak peek of my inspiration:

I’m still all drainy and now I have a dry cough. St. Louis weather literally makes me sick. I was in Wisconsin this past weekend and had no cough and less drainage than I’ve had in two weeks but now that I’m back in town my body is attacking  me again. Lame. I don’t expect this to affect my race though (so long as I avoid dehydrating cold medicines); I think I’ve been sickish for about half my half marathons and after I start moving my symptoms improve. My body feels strong so I’m focusing on hydrating today so I can get as much mucus out as possible.

The last two weeks have been light on running.  

I have kept active doing a variety of activities, though, which I think is key for me. I’ve put in so many miles in the weeks before this; now is the time to make sure nothing hurts when I line up tomorrow. 

All the hiking my girls and I did in Wisconsin was a really nice change of pace.  


We covered so much terrain and the fact that a lot of the ground was uneven really made me use muscles I don’t normally access when running on flat ground.  

I’m going to spend today walking Len, taking a bath, watching my Cardinals and carbing up and hydrating. Should be good weather for the race tomorrow and I can’t wait to see all the costumes!


5 responses to “Taper Week(s)!

  1. Good luck batgirl, err, Nora tomorrow! I can’t wait to see your costume. 🙂 Aunt Aline

  2. Love these pictures! And yeah, the keychain is inspiring! Go, Nora, go!

  3. Good luck tomorrow! The weather should be perfect!

  4. Fly like a superbatwoman!
    Aunt Carol

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