Half Marathon Training – Week 12

It seems like I just started training and now I’m just about done! This week of training is very easy to summarize given the fact I did just two things.


I did a longer than usual run because I was feeling bad about not having run since Friday. I did have to stop and walk a couple times so I was pretty happy about the average pace.  

Francis Park was covered in a pretty haze/fog. 

After Wednesday….nada. I started feeling really congested and had a sore throat from all the drainage so I decided to sleep in rather than do any type of exercise. I’ve done so many runs in this training cycle I’m sure sleep is what I needed most. And I wanted to save myself for my Sunday long run, which I intended to be 16(!!!) miles. 


Still drainy but felt better. Took some DayQuil before heading to Forest Park which I now think was a big mistake. Part of what it does is stop the drainage, so of course it was going to dehydrate me. But I felt pretty good as all the pace groups convened at the visitors center.  

I’m on the far right.


I hung in there on the way to the Arch, but the up and down of downtown St. Louis’ hills really took a toll on me. I was glad for the break at the Arch.  

(Photo courtesy of Mom’s Little Running Buddy.)

We headed back, and for a while I was ok and thinking I’d found my groove. But then we hit the hill up to Jefferson and I finally gave in and walked.  

Bye team. 

I maintained a mix of running and walking until SLU, where I caught up with my group at a much needed water stop. We then ran right through SLU. As a SLU graduate I knew what hell it would be to run up to the clocktower but I did it, knowing I could savor the downhill right after that. We exited SLU and headed down West Pine. At that point I’d had more than enough and fully committed to walking and enjoying the scenery of the Central West End. 


Future home of a new Whole Foods

Running directly back to the visitor’s center would have been about 13 miles but I was determined to reach 16 one way or another so I meandered through Forest Park. 


Why do they call this a “restroom”? I’m suspicious.



And then after some pacing through the parking lot to hit my mileage exactly, I was done!  

I basically ran half/walked half, with some random spurts of running in the second half.  

So. Much. Distance. My feet are sore.

In the past a walk/run like this would have bummed me out, but I’ve mellowed. I feel good about covering all that distance and I’ve had several successful long runs over this training cycle. I had a 10, 13, and 14 miler that were all great. And even on my crappy runs I covered the distance I needed. I should be in good shape for my race in a couple weeks. 


3 responses to “Half Marathon Training – Week 12

  1. You are the Woman, Nora, WOMAN! I can’t believe you ran/walked so far!

  2. Yeah! You’re amazing!

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