Half Marathon Training – Week 10

I just realized I’m nearly done with my training. That happened fast. I’ve just been looking at my plan week to week and now I’m almost done with 12 weeks.  


I took advantage of having the whole day off and went on a long bike ride at Grant’s Trail.   

I’m not a huge Applebee’s person but there’s one just off the trail and they have a bike rack so I stopped there to refuel. It made it a fun little adventure.


Speed workout–12 200s. I walked a lot of the recoveries but I compared this workout to when I did it the first time and I was pleased that my 200s have gotten faster.  


A lovely swim. I’m feeling much more comfortable in the water and it continues to make my body feel great. 


My uphill run.


Short run to the gym, lifted for ten minutes, ran home. 


Long run at the Katy Trail in St. Charles. This required getting up at 5am to ensure I got there on time. As I was standing with my pace group just before 7am I realized my left wrist was naked–I’d forgotten my Garmin. 😦 


I’m on the right, annoyed at my predicament

I was crushed because I intended this to be my longest run ever and I wanted my Garmin to acknowledge that! But I did have my phone so I decided to use the Nike+ app and hope it didn’t drain my battery.  

I spent the first mile thinking negative thoughts about not having my Garmin. I reminded myself that lots of runners run without them sometimes on purpose, but when I heard the familiar ding on the other runners’ watches and didn’t have my own to look at, I was still annoyed. My phone was tucked into my waist pack and I didn’t bother looking at it. Speaking of my waist pack, I’d loaded extra fuel into it and the extra weight was causing it to move around. I finally dealt with it around mile 3 as we went up a giant hill on our way to cross a bridge. I walked briefly, tightened up my pack, then caught up with my group. 

Eventually I got over not having my watch. The pacers called out the miles and some of the time I couldn’t hear them, making me just focus on running. When we got back to the parking lot I was thinking we were around 8 miles and it was actually 9.5. Awesome!

After a brief stop for water we headed out on the south end of the trail. 

As we approached the park we could see a race set up–some sort of people and dogs race. It didn’t start until 9am so we ran right through the start line and continued on the race course.  

Ginny and I turned at around 12 miles (the rest of the group continued on) and eventually encountered people racing toward us. Then the faster ones were turning back and racing past us. The trail is pretty narrow so I made sure to get over as far as I could to let them pass. There were lots of cute dogs on the path which was welcome entertainment. We got back to the park and were now running toward the finish line. We got to cross it with the people racing and a volunteer handed Ginny a banana. Fun!

Shortly after that we hit 14 miles, which was my goal. I decided to run to the parking lot and then stop.   

So, that was my farthest run in life.  !!!

I really thought with the Garmin snafu I’d be cutting this run short, but I ended up feeling great, totally unaware of how far we’d gone or what was left. I’m not going to intentionally go Garminless but it wasn’t the worst thing in the world. Those 14 miles went by pretty quickly. 


2 responses to “Half Marathon Training – Week 10

  1. Great! Congratulations!

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