Running Uphill

I’m not a fan of running uphill. I generally choose routes that are mostly flat. In the past when I’ve encountered hills I’ve taken them as an invitation to walk. But I decided I should probably embrace hills and work on getting better at them. So that’s what I did on my run this morning.  

 I went down my normal path to the Greenway but instead of continuing across Loughborough I took a right at the base of the long, windy hill that goes to St. Marcus Cemetery.  

It wasn’t so bad. My breathing got heavier and I definitely used the “stare at something in the distance until I get to it then stare at something else” technique, which I don’t normally need to resort to except during long runs. 

After I got up the hill I went back down Gravois and Holly Hills until I reached the path again. 


I did this loop four times. 

I figure practicing downhills is just as useful as practicing uphills. I’ve encountered a couple big downhills in races–during last year’s Mo’ Cowbell Half Marathon and 2013’s Go! Halloween 10k–and both were really challenging. 

It doesn’t compute that a hard hill workout would result in faster than normal pacing, but that’s what happened.  

 I was only making an effort to go fast at the end; the rest was just a comfortable pace for me. I’m hoping this means I’m making some gains in running fitness. I’ve felt stagnant for a while. It was significantly cooler this morning but it will be cool for my race on October 11th, so pacing under 10 minute miles should be realistic for that half marathon. 


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