Half Marathon Training – Week 9

This week was great! As I said on my long run this morning, weeks of crappy runs are finally paying off.  


I biked to the RecPlex, lifted weights briefly, then biked some more. 


A hard speed workout that unfortunately ended almost a mile from my house. 

 So I did a “second run” home. 

In the pool for 66 laps. I didn’t feel like I got into a good rhythm until lap 58 and by that time I was pretty tired. My time is kind of random but it’s because I stopped at 7am to make sure I had enough time to get to work. 


A great run I detailed in my Morning Meditation post. 


Ran to the RecPlex to lift weights again. It was nice to run on consecutive days and also nice to lift twice in one week. My ass was sore the next day so I know I did something right. 


Long run day! The BRTT route was from Forest Park to the Arch and back.   

It was so hot that a couple of the injured training team runners set up a water stand by SLU.  

So nice. 

I love running to the Arch.  

 It’s so cool to have a massive landmark to run to, and so satisfying to reach it.  

Here’s a crazy story. As we’re waiting to start at the Forest Park visitors center, I see someone who looks familiar. As we are running I hear her telling someone else Asics is sending her and some other running bloggers to the NYC marathon. At that point my suspicions were confirmed–it was Katie from Mom’s Little Running Buddy! I turned around and told her I read her blog and I’m Nora. So exciting! She took a photo of our group at the arch.  

We headed back. I’d been taking margarita Shot Bloks sporadically and I downed a root beer Gu at the arch. No wall hitting today. We had to stop several times for traffic, which was welcome on such a hot day.  

We hit the water station again on the way back and took Laclede all the way down to Kingshighway.  

I didn’t even notice another training teamer taking our photos. I was doing everything I could to hang on. We got back to the visitor’s center around 12.75 miles.  (Thanks to Robert Harrison for these great group shots.)

I got convinced to go a bit further with Jill and Jenni to hit an even 13.  

 They had popsicles for us at the end, which was awesome. I got ProRehab to stretch me out too, another benefit of being part of the training team. And this week they gave out free stuff from Brooks! 

Somehow I managed to get a shirt I wasn’t wearing sweaty. Bring on week 10!


2 responses to “Half Marathon Training – Week 9

  1. Carol Burkholder

    You rock, Nora and also great photos! I especially liked the close-up of the Arch and the shots down Market Street! What a great niece you are!
    Love, Aunt Carol

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