Half Marathon Training – Week 8

I didn’t feel like blogging last week because I ended the week with another long run in which I struggled to get past a few miles.  

 My runs during the week have been ok but these long runs have become a major mental hurdle for me. They have me doubting my ability to run at all.

Anyway, this week was better.  


I thought perhaps my complete lack of strength training was causing me problems, so I biked to the gym to lift a little. I intended to bike for much longer after that but I was actually cold–cold! So I just took the short way home. 


Ran a little further than I normally would to try to get my confidence back up. The run was a good one. I know the temps in the high 50s helped. 


Swam, and tried not to take many breaks at the edges of the pool. I did 50 laps in 30 minutes. 


Decided to do a speed workout, something I haven’t done in weeks.  

That ended up being great! I was able to run the whole time, even the recoveries. I’m going to try to keep speed workouts as part of my routine. 


Pace run at Grant’s trail. Given my struggles with the 10-10:30 group, I wasn’t sure what pace to try, but I went with the 9:45-10 group and hoped for the best. I intended to do 6-8 miles depending on how I felt. Everyone did a mile warm up and then we were off. It was humid but felt cool to me so I was cautiously optimistic. The only person in our group who was going past 6 miles was our pacer Jill. I still felt good at the 3 mile mark so I stuck with her until 4 miles, where we turned around. At one point we crossed a small bridge and she said that we’d just passed a snake. I looked back and saw a black snake about an inch in diameter coiled around the bridge, right next to where we’d run. !!!! 

I was glad to have Jill to run with because it is a lot harder to quit on one person than it is to just fade away from a big group. If I’d been alone I probably would have stopped at 6 but I was able to keep going for the full 8. I kept telling myself to focus on the mile I was in. For the last couple miles I focused on points just ahead of us and when we reached those I focused on new ones. Whatever works.  

Jill’s a fantastic pacer. That 9:51 mile included time spent stopping for bikes when we turned around, so that mile was likely 9:45 too. On the last mile Jill said we were going a little fast and we could slow down a bit. I said “great!” because it was feeling hard then but apparently we didn’t slow down much since that was our fastest mile.  


Happy to be done!


4 responses to “Half Marathon Training – Week 8

  1. Carol Burkholder

    Just remember that walking is also good exercise! That said, you are so inspiring, but I will stick to walking.

  2. Yay, Nora! You look great and are doing great! I love the Amy Poehler pic too.

  3. that amy poehler pic gets me! i say that all the time, and occasionally use it as a hashtag on instagram when i’m feeling moany 😛

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