Half Marathon Training – Week 6

Another blah week. 


My first attempt at running was Tuesday. I headed east on Holly Hills toward Carondelet park. After a third of a mile I was just done. No motivation to push through the warm up stage of my run. I walked back; only covering two miles total.


I cross trained for the first time in a while and was reminded why it’s so important. My bike ride made my legs feel great; tired all over and really smoothed out spots on my legs that can get tender from running. I stayed up late that night watching episodes of Gilmore Girls on Netflix and decided to sleep in Thursday. 


Bound and determined to have a good run, I set out much earlier than normal; around 5:45am. My run began with streetlights still on and it was nice and cool.  

 I’ve never been on my bridge when the lights were on. I liked it. I saw a surprising number of people out and was able to run 3 miles down the path before heading back for 6 total. 


Long run at the Big River U City store.  

The shorter route was 8 miles and I optimistically said I was going for 10 but today the hills got the best of me.  

Wydown is pretty but long gradual hills are not my friends. I took a walk break just before the 5 mile mark. I found a water fountain and began running again before stopping at another uphill. I was happy to find a second water fountain so I could be fully hydrated to tackle the hills of Clayton.  

 I’ve successfully run up this hill several times before but again, today was not my day. I was not having these elevation changes.  

I am happy to say that even though I took several walk breaks I always kept the 10-10:30 group in my sights and eventually joined back up with them. There were about four of us who continued to take short walk breaks as we ran back to Delmar. Some people were doing a 13 mile route and turned left; the rest of us turned right to complete the 8 mile route back to the store.  

I wasn’t quite to 8 miles so I kept running down North and South. I started feeling ok again so kept running until around 8.5 miles, then walked until I completed 9.  

I’m pretty proud of the paces of the middle miles since they included walking. I either wasn’t walking much or ran fast enough to keep my pace close to my overall goal. And my route resembled the state of Texas! 

 This week was lower than I’d like in number of runs and number of times cross training. I’m hoping to get back to the pool next week; it’s been closed the past two weeks. My total running mileage for the week was still in the 15-20 mile range that I’m used to, so I’m happy with that.  



3 responses to “Half Marathon Training – Week 6

  1. Good read. Check mine out of you could!

  2. Cooler, less humid days are coming!

  3. Carol Burkholder

    I am amazed at your stamina, Nora!

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