Half Marathon Training – Week 5

This week was a bit of a struggle. I got up at 5am Monday, drank coffee and ate, then went back to sleep. First time this year I’ve done that. Then I did it again Thursday! This is not a habit I want to continue, so I hope it was just an off week. I got my runs in, but unfortunately I abandoned cross training.  


My Tuesday run was pretty decent. I ran to and around Francis park and back. Francis park has working water fountains which gives it an advantage over the greenway. 

Tuesday night we went to see Gavin Degraw and Shania Twain. Both of them got out into the crowd, very close to us.  

This was our second time seeing Shania and she was just as good as the first time. We’d never seen Gavin before but he was really entertaining; playing the piano and singing very soulfully. 

I planned to take Wednesday off due to the concert. Thursday I zzzzzzed. 

Friday I did a long run which went well except I was pretty tired all day. 

My birthday was Saturday. We went to Tucker’s, where I ordered a 20oz steak. As the waiter put it down in front of me he said “I have a box for you in the back.” Challenge accepted! 

I ate the remaining bites and the potato, too. Yum. 

Then we went to Ballpark Village to dehydrate ourselves while watching Trombone Shorty.  

He was great and made me really excited for our trip to New Orleans in October.
Today’s training team run was a pace run. We did a one mile warmup and then broke into our race pace groups. I chose 9:30-10. Early on the muscles in my shins were on fire. I had a margarita shot blok and that helped almost immediately, so I think I needed the salt. At the 3 mile marker I turned back and was surprised the rest of the group kept going. Some people had already turned back but I can only assume the rest of the people were doing a normal long run. Anyway, I was left to motivate myself when I was already struggling to keep pace.  

This did not thrill me. I decided I’d walk a bit after mile 4, and did so for .25 of a mile before running again. I walked again from 5.25-5.40 and then finished strong at the end, knowing a group of runners would be there.  

 I don’t look strong, but I was running a 9ish pace at the end, so yay me.

It was humid and hot and I didn’t sleep too much and I had 20 oz of meat in my system, so who knows why this run wasn’t the greatest. I got the miles in though, and most of them at pace, so I’ll take it. On to week 6!


2 responses to “Half Marathon Training – Week 5

  1. If I had a week like yours, I’d be lucky to get out of bed, never mind go back! You’re doing great!

  2. Carol Burkholder

    You looked great, Nora! Keep up the good work. Eating meat always slows down my digestion, so no wonder it affected you—20 ounces!!!

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