Half Marathon Training – Week 4

Another week down. 

Here’s some highlights. 


Ran around the neighborhood at a nice easy pace. The River Des Peres is still pretty full. 

The river is low enough that the path is no longer flooded, so that’s good. And the temp is still pleasant enough at 6am even though it’s getting close to 100 during the day. 


I had “jury” duty.  

Why do people use quotes in weird ways? I don’t “understand” it. Anyway, I put in a full day at jury duty and then went to Big River Running and got new shoes that I put to use the next day.



I love really bright shoes. These Brooks Adrenalines are very comfy too. I did a ladder speed workout in them; running progressively faster intervals with rest intervals in between. 


I went to the RexPlex to swim but the pool was closed. 😦 This is the third time this has happened to me. Since I go to the gym in my swimsuit with my jammies over it, it makes for an interesting workout. I half assed a bike workout and stretched.  


Long run day at the Big River south city store.  

We ran to Tower Grove Park and around the botanical gardens, including returning on the “magic sidewalk”. (I’m using quotes exactly as I want to here!) 

It’s magic because whatever it is made of feels a little softer/squishier than a normal sidewalk. 
This was the only magic I experienced during the run. After 3 miles I had to walk. It was so hot and humid and today wasn’t my day.  

Runs like this are the reason I push myself on days I’m feeling great, like last week’s 10 mile run. I never know when a bad run will happen. Oh well, I still got in my mileage. Also saw a couple crows.  I think they’re crows anyway.

I hung with the 10:30-11 group some of the time but was walk/running by myself most of the time, which is fine. Then I came home, took a bath, and took a nap with this guy.  

We take our rest seriously.


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  1. I love that little tongue sticking out!

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