Half Marathon Training – Week 3

I completed my third week of half marathon training this morning. I was planning on 6-8 miles for my long run in Forest Park. I was not planning for all the rain we had. 

 Fortunately there was no lightning, so the run was still on. At 7am each pace group set out.  

I wasn’t sure how this run would go because we’d been out kind of late the night before and I’d had three drinks, which led to a minor hangover this morning. I can’t hang anymore. We were at the city museum, where I did this: 

 I have loved climbing things since I was a kid and the city museum is great for that. The only issue was it was so hot and humid I couldn’t get enough water and figured I’d be dehydrated today. So I didn’t have high hopes for my run, but running being as unpredictable as it is, I ended up feeling great and I ran the full 10 miles my pacer did. I still feel great. The run must have made me sweat out all the toxins. 

Earlier this week I had a rough attempt at speed work. The highlight was seeing these giant Asian carp in the River Des Peres.  

Later in the week I had a much more successful hilly run. I ran up the giant hill on Gravois to Affton and got a lovely view of the arch on the way back down.  

I also got a swim and a bike ride in. A nice, well rounded week. 


3 responses to “Half Marathon Training – Week 3

  1. Carol Burkholder

    Great blog, Nora! You are inspiring! I’m going to Curves this morning before it closes on Aug. 21st(boo hoo)!

  2. Good work! I love the climbing pic.

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