Half Marathon Training – Week 1

I’m already training for another half marathon! This will be my 7th half marathon since I began doing them in 2011. My goal race is The Great Go! Halloween Half Marathon on October 11th. I’ve run the 10k twice but this will be my first time running the half. I really love the fun atmosphere of this race and clearly they love me too because they used my photo in their marketing email sent to thousands of people! Ack! 


They ask for a goal time when you sign up for Training Team and I put 2:05, slightly faster than my last half marathon, but I don’t really have any goals other than to have fun and challenge myself. I’m committing to cross training to stay healthy. I did a nice mix of activities in the last week. 

  Friday’s runs were short and split because I ran to the gym, lighted weights and stretched, then ran home. I was so set on this plan that I went through with it even though it was pouring.

It’s sunny weather now, but hot. It was 75 when I met training team this morning for my first long run.  

 I ran with the 10-10:30 group instead of the 10:30-11 group I’ve run with the past two rounds of training. The pace felt good but it was just so hot and uncomfortable. I really wanted to stop after 2 miles but managed to keep running for 7. I walked a mile back. Plenty of time for long running only runs!


One response to “Half Marathon Training – Week 1

  1. Number 7–woohoo! (And Boo!)

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