The Macklind Mile 6/27/15

I ran my third Macklind Mile this morning.


I had very low expectations since my last 5k didn’t go well and my runs this week have felt hard. I thought I would try for about 8 minutes, which would put me ahead of last year’s time. I decided to not carry anything with me, so I had no music and no on the run pictures. All the wonderful pictures here were taken by Tracy.

At the beginning of a run I  tend to feel like a sack of bones pounding against the pavement. Since this race was so short I needed to be ready to go, so I opted to do a light warm up jog for a little over a mile. Then I stretched and waited for the women’s 8:50am start.

The horn went off at 8:51am and we headed down the first hill. I knew I was running faster than planned but decided to go with it and take advantage of the elevation drop. I slowed a bit when we started up a gradual hill and focused on reaching the women ahead of me and passing them.

At the quarter mile split I checked my watch and was around 1:37, which is great. At the half mile mark I was at 3:39, still ahead of schedule. At that point I stopped looking and just focused on turning my legs over and listening to my breathing.

As we crossed Chippewa I could see the finish and tried to look away; I really don’t like seeing the finish when there is that much left to run. As I got closer to the finish I could see the clock was in the low 7s. I made my last push, passed a couple women, and finished!IMG_1318IMG_1319IMG_1320IMG_1321IMG_1322I’m not sure what was going on with the woman on the left, but I was super happy. I ran the second half faster than the first!


I finished the race feeling strong, which never happens, especially when running a mile. Usually I feel and look like death. The fact that I felt so good afterward has me kicking myself that I didn’t press harder, say, 5 seconds harder. I could have run a mile in the 6s! Oh well. That’s something to shoot for. In the meantime I will focus on the fact I just ran the fastest mile of my life. I ran faster than my previous PR set as a 14 year old, 7:15. Yay!

Then we watched the elite runners.IMG_1328IMG_1348

So fast.

Then the kids’ quarter mile race!IMG_1387IMG_1423IMG_1430IMG_1434IMG_1450IMG_1453

Kids in running shorts = adorable.

Not everyone was having it, however. She eventually got across the finish line.IMG_1455

What a great day!


2 responses to “The Macklind Mile 6/27/15

  1. Congratulations on running the fastest mile of your life!!

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