Speedwork Week 5

This morning I did another speed workout; eager to test my speed after the 5k Sunday that didn’t go as planned. This was the prescribed workout: 

I’m following the group 1-3 plan because I like hard things. 

The 10k portions of this workout were just fine; I easily finished those within my goal range of 9-9:30 pace. I did encounter some trouble with my route, however. 
I swam yesterday, so I opted to run on the hill today. 🙂 

You know we’ve gotten a lot of rain recently when the River Des Peres is an actual river.  

I got through this area and soon it was time to run the segments at my 5k pace, which I decided is 8-8:30. That’s what I want it to be, so that’s what I’m doing now. The first segment was rough. I found myself going up a gradual hill and had to walk for a bit. I ran again and came through the segment around 9:00, so it was not a disaster. I walked the recovery and gave it my all for the last .50 segment and finished it in 8:25. 1/2 isn’t bad! And I’m still training. I can continue to improve. 

Unfortunately when my Speedwork plan was over I’d run about 5 miles but ended up about .50 miles from home. Whoops. So I walked back and encountered this guy, the second cat I found on this street.  

I went to say hello but he wasn’t having it and quickly cat trotted away. 

Oh well. I’m sure I’ll have more chances to make him love me.  


3 responses to “Speedwork Week 5

  1. Don’t give up–with your speed and with making the cat love you!

  2. I know that cat! My father in law leaves food out for him/her all the time!

    • How funny! Maybe I need food to get him to like me. By the way, I saw you running in the park this morning as I drove away from the Y on my way to work.

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